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Can Your Business Benefit from Training Workers ‘On Demand’?

In our digital economy, opportunity should only be a few clicks away regardless of where candidates live. What’s more, that kind of flexibility is exactly what today’s tech-savvy workforce seeks, with reports showing that the most desired nonmonetary benefit for workers is a flexible schedule (51%). While this is something that businesses are beginning to […]


Companies’ Reduction in Employee Flexibility Is Misplaced

Companies vary greatly in their willingness to allow employees flexibility in their work, as well as in how that flexibility manifests itself—from working from home all the time, with unlimited paid time off (PTO), to flex work and the ability to work from home on certain days or on a certain number of days per […]


Why You Need an Established Policy for Your Remote Workers

A recent study conducted by Upwork has indicated that nearly two-thirds of companies in today’s workforce rely on remote workers, yet a majority of these companies lack established policies for their remote workers. The study’s findings also revealed the importance of establishing a policy for remote workers in today’s workforce.

Is Remote Work and Training Only for Managers and Bosses?

Currently, 80%–90% of the U.S. workforce claims that they want to work remotely at least part-time, while only about 50% of the workforce has a job that is currently compatible with remote work opportunities. And most employees who do work from home on a regular basis earn over $60,000 annually and are within the upper […]

A Great Case for Remote Work

While clearly not every job is a good candidate for remote work, there are millions of jobs that are. This fact contributes to the ever-growing percentage of the workforce (now estimated to be around 40%) that work virtually in some capacity. Some employers remain wary of allowing remote work, while others embrace it fully. Let’s […]

Flex—‘Nice-to-Have’ or Business Imperative?

At World at Work’s Total Rewards conference held recently in San Diego, sessions on flextime were eagerly attended. Burrus shared her tips for developing a flex program that supports the business while at the same time pleasing employees. Burrus is the Workplace Flexibility Practice Leader at Waltham, Mass.-based WFD Consulting. She offers six stages of […]