Employment Applications: Don’t Touch These Questions with a 10-Foot Pole!

Has your organization considered all the legal ramifications surrounding its employment applications? Sure, you must have enough questions to gather what you need to assess the candidate, but they should be the RIGHT questions. What questions may present legal problems or employee privacy issues? We have some help for our readers, courtesy of business consultant […]

The Key Elements of a Profit-Sharing Plan

Yesterday, John Rubino of Rubino Consulting Services explained some of the background on profit-sharing plans, the 3 steps to establishing a deferred plan, and 4 of the steps involved in executing it. Today, we present the remaining 5 execution steps.

Talking to Your CFO—Critical Skill

HR tends to avoid CFOs and knows little about them, says consultant Karl J. Ahlrichs, SPHR. CFOs are often reclusive and cautious, but you are not going to be successful if you can’t sell ideas to the CFO. Why is the relationship with the CFO so important? CFOs often have the final approval of HR/compensation […]

Never Say Never, and Never Say These 4 Things

[Go here for killer phrases 1 to 6.] 7. AVOID: “… don’t you think?”  Or, “… isn’t it?” Or “… okay?”  To convey a confident commanding presence, eliminate validation questions. Make your statement or recommendation with certainty and avoid tacking on the unnecessary approval-seeking question.  Don’t say, “This would be a good investment, don’t you […]

Comp Philosophy? Yes, You Must Have One

Yes, it’s worth the time and focus on your compensation philosophy, because it is the basis for everything you do in compensation. You need to get it to paper so execs, managers, and employees understand, says Rizzuti. Rizzuti, who is a principal and senior consultant with Compensation Resources, Inc, in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, […]

ACA Will Make Wellness Even More Important

Your wellness program may get much more important under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), says Morris, a member of the firm Epstein Becker Green in its Washington, D.C., office who specializes in benefits. There are already many benefits to wellness programs, but Morris is convinced they will become even more crucial as the ACA unfolds […]