Are You Resolved to Give Wellness Training in 2013?

This exercise is applicable for all employees and comes from one of BLR’s popular HR Training Presentations in PowerPoint® sessions on “Healthy Aging.” The objective of the exercise is to find out how well trainees are meeting the requirements of healthy aging. Instructions: Have trainees complete the worksheet below. (Let them know that this is […]

The Truck Loaders’ Tale—Metrics and Management

We’ve shared Ahlrichs’ truck loader story before but it’s worth repeating as it clearly illustrates what can happen when different parts of the team are using different metrics. Ahlrich, who is owner of ExpertSpeaks, and a consultant and business developer for Gregory & Appel. offered his tips at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR and […]

CEO to HR—Show Me the Money!

Show Me the Money Oswald, author of the Oswald Letter, suggests that HR can start by concentrating on three areas: turnover (see yesterday’s Advisor), productivity, and absence. Here’s how to present to him: Tell me how much your plan would save. Tell me how much your plan would cost. (That tells me what my ROI […]

The 3 Critical Categories for Salesperson Success

To accurately predict whether an individual will succeed in sales, you (and/or your assessment tool) need to extract information in three critical categories, says Anderson, who is president of the Selling Skills Institute, and developer of the proprietary Shift Thinking Selling Methodology. Anderson offered his tips at a recent BLR/HRHero webinar. Here are Anderson’s three […]

Get Ready for the Coming Collision of Compensation and Demographics

People Don’t Understand the Demographics Companies tend to relax about compensation during an economic downturn, but that may be a mistake, says Dorf, who is managing director of Compensation Resources, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, NJ. “I don’t think people understand how demographics fit with this recession,” Dorf says. The number of people who are […]

Pay for Performance? Your Comp Program Is Still ‘Old School’

Even with pay for performance, says Epps, managing partner of EP2S Compensation Solutions, LLC, many companies are promoting the wrong people and granting raises for the wrong reasons. Promotional raises increase labor costs, but don’t necessarily help the company perform better. “Whether the company’s performance is good or poor doesn’t make much difference in labor […]

9 Superstar Qualities of ‘A’ Salespeople (and What to Pay)

Anderson, who offered five dangerous weaknesses of sales people in yesterday’s Advisor, is president of the Selling Skills Institute and developer of the proprietary Shift Thinking Selling Methodology. He asks, How many of those weaknesses are represented on your sales team? Look Only for ‘A’ Players “A” players are not a commodity, says Anderson; you’re […]

Key Comp Issues: Alignment, Compression, and Risk

[Go here for questions 1 and 2] 3. What is the Alignment of Incumbents Within Their Pay Grades? Perform the following analyses, suggests Carroll: All positions in the organization compared to the midpoint (market) Positions within each pay grade compared to the midpoint (market) Analysis of incumbents within each pay grade compared to the midpoint […]

Could Comp Audit Be Damaging Exhibit #1 in Court?

And the second rule of auditing: Be sure that management is willing to make corrections if infractions are found. If your own audit shows failure to comply, and especially if you haven’t taken steps since the audit to correct the situation, your audit can quickly turn from a helpful tool to a damaging exhibit in […]