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Take These Steps Now to Safeguard Your Organization from AI Risks

No other technology today has the level of hype artificial intelligence (AI) has. Countless news articles, blog posts, and videos have predicted everything from drastic changes in the workplace to the complete destruction of humanity. With all this discussion, it can be difficult to determine exactly how, and to what extent, your organization will be […]

Make Your Company a Hard Target for Job Scams

Your company’s talent is its lifeblood. Job postings for qualified individuals and other recruitment activities are vital to its operations. What happens, then, when scammers conduct phishing schemes to trick individuals into applying for nonexistent jobs you didn’t post with the objective of stealing their personally identifiable information (PII)? Gone Phishing In the age of […]

Are You Protecting Your Organization in the Age of Generative AI?

Whether to integrate generative artificial intelligence (GAI) into an organization has been top of mind in many corporate boardrooms. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, GAI technology adoption holds immense promise for driving innovation, enhancing productivity, and gaining a competitive edge. However, along with GAI’s opportunities, it also brings myriad risks and uncertainties. From data […]

AI in the Workplace: Crafting Policies for Employees’ Use of Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in workplaces, providing new opportunities and new challenges for employers and employees. While AI has the potential to improve efficiency and productivity, its use also raises important questions around issues like privacy, discrimination, and job displacement. Employers that choose to implement AI should consider including a provision in […]

Companies’ Online Recruiting Should Comply with Other State Laws

During the pandemic, both employers and employees discovered that remote work could benefit them. Allowing remote work has expanded employers’ pool of applicants nationwide. Despite the advantages of a bigger pool of candidates and cost savings, we’re beginning to see cases stemming from employers’ inadvertent violations of other states’ laws when making work available to […]

EU Passes Artificial Intelligence Act

Congress and the Biden administration continue to focus on regulating artificial intelligence (AI). Despite that attention, however, no comprehensive legislation or regulations applying to AI have been implemented at the federal level. In contrast, the European Parliament passed the Artificial Intelligence Act on March 13. The legislation was three years in the making and will […]

Managing artificial intelligence in the workplace

The last several years have seen artificial intelligence (AI) become mainstream in the workplace. Today, HR professionals widely use AI tools for recruiting, onboarding, and administering leave and benefits. Managers use generative AI to assist with their administrative and supervisory responsibilities, such as writing performance reviews. Engineers use AI to write or check code. And […]

The Employees Secretly Using Generative AI at Work and Why Employers Should Care

The rise in sophistication and availability of generative AI tools has opened up immense potential for humans to make their lives easier by shifting some of their tasks to such tools. And that potential certainly extends to the workplace where many employees have discovered generative AI can do a lot of their work for them, […]

The Holiday Present Employers Don’t Want: Mitigating Risk During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is generally a time for celebration. However, employers should be particularly vigilant in their efforts to mitigate risk for employment claims. Below are some issues to keep in mind. Reducing Risk at Holiday Parties Holiday parties offer a great opportunity to connect with coworkers and colleagues. However, employers should consider the risks […]

Double Trouble: What to Do When an Employee Cashes Their Paycheck Twice

Imagine the following scenario: An employer issues a physical check to an employee (or another individual). The employee mobile deposits the check into their bank (Bank A). Then, the employee quickly takes the check to a fast-cash check cashing store and deposits the check again. This is known as double presentment. Intuitively, one might think […]