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Have You Adopted a Push or Pull Approach to RTO?

Almost one quarter of the way through 2024, the return-to-office (RTO) battle rages on in many organizations. While the medical necessity of remote work has long since passed, employees have gotten a taste of the good life and the flexibility that comes with it, and they are reluctant to give that up. Pulling on the […]

What Is NATO Applying? How The Dating Trend Is Coming to the Workplace

If you haven’t heard of NATO dating – which means people dating are “not attached to an outcome” but rather open to all connections – you may soon get wind of it in your workplace as NATO applying, according to CEO/founder of Rising Team and Stanford lecturer Jennifer Dulski. “With many employers breaking trust lately […]

Are Return to Work Policies About a Lack of Trust?

The push for return-to-office (RTO) policies by some employers is raising questions about trust in the workplace. To what extent are RTO policies driven by a belief in the value of in-person collaboration versus a fear that employees will slack off unless under the watchful eye of managers? As explored in Fortune’s “The Trust Factor” […]