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Getting Millennials to Look Your Way

According to the Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB), a best practice insight and technology company, today’s flat organizational structures mean employees spend more time at each job level—roughly 3 more years than they did in 2010. This stalled progression has caused 70% of employees to be dissatisfied with future career opportunities, leading to potentially massive […]

Making the Most When Making a Recruiting Video for Millennials

By Ryan Jenkins Yesterday’s Advisor, explored some of the crucial elements to include when creating a recruiting video aimed at attracting Millennials. Today we’ll hear some more from speaker and author Ryan Jenkins. Check out yesterday’s Advisor to read the first 10 tips Jenkins has to offer when it comes to making a recruiting video […]

If You Want to Hire Millennials, Make a Recruiting Video

By Ryan Jenkins Hiring Millennials can be tricky. However, Ryan Jenkins, a well-known author and speaker, has quite a bit to say when it comes attracting Millennials with the right medium—specifically, video interviews. Today we’ll learn how you can make a video geared toward attracting quality Millennial candidates. Finding talent for your organization is an […]

Creating an Attractive Culture for Millennials

In yesterday’s Advisor, we heard from expert Ryan Jenkins about some ways to revitalize a culture of loyalty in order to make the most of your current Millennial talent, and how to attract new talent. by Ryan Jenkins Ryan Jenkins is an internationally recognized speaker and author who helps organizations better lead, communicate, engage, and […]

7 Must-Have Features for Your Millennial Recruiting Video

In yesterday’s Advisor we explored what Ryan Jenkins, known speaker and author, had to say about making a recruiting video really pop for Millennials. Today we’ll hear more from Jenkins. by Ryan Jenkins Check out yesterday’s Advisor to read the first 10 tips he has to offer when it comes to making a recruiting video […]

Crucial Information for a Successful Millennial Recruiting Video

Are you putting together a recruiting video geared toward Millennials? Today we hear from Ryan Jenkins, internationally recognized speaker and author, with tips for making that video something that Millennials will actually enjoy. Finding talent for your organization is an ongoing process. It’s even more so today because the average work tenure of a Millennial […]