Crucial Information for a Successful Millennial Recruiting Video

Are you putting together a recruiting video geared toward Millennials? Today we hear from Ryan Jenkins, internationally recognized speaker and author, with tips for making that video something that Millennials will actually enjoy.

Finding talent for your organization is an ongoing process. It’s even more so today because the average work tenure of a Millennial is 2 years. The strategies below should aid you in your quest to recruit the next generation of leaders.

The software development company, Zendesk, has a recruiting video that is a prime example of what resonates with Millennials. Even though this video was created forever ago (in 2012), there are many things to learn for those looking to effectively recruit the right Millennial talent through video.

Jenkins has a number of crucial elements that every Millennial recruiting video needs to have. Here are the first 10.

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1. Don’t tell, show.
Video is the preferred method of consumption for Millennials. Zendesk does a superb job blending visuals with voiceover to show what it’s like working at Zendesk.

2. Infuse authenticity.
Millennials can spot phonies online or offline in an instant. While watching the video, viewers receive a genuine sense that people enjoy working at the company, are able to be themselves at work, and collaborate well with each other. Unlike most recruiting videos, try not to make anything seem forced.

3. Showcase your growth.
Not with boring charts and graphs but, for example, by comparing a picture of the founders vs. video of a cafeteria with all the current employees. Millennials are interested in becoming an integral part of an organization that’s going somewhere.

4. Expose your culture.
Zendesk spent very little time on the actual product/service and all the time exposing their company culture. Millennials will choose culture over anything else.

5. Flaunt your employees.
Millennials want to see who they’d be working alongside. The more diverse and creative the team, the better. Ditch clip art and stock video and just use your real employees.

6. Unveil the lifestyle.
Millennials often choose a city before they choose a job. Zendesk beautifully showcased the neighborhood of the headquarters, including the eateries, coffee shop, and bars where their employees visit.

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7. Reveal the office.
Highlight the innovate workspaces and work perks (salty licorice, beer, pets at work).

8. Depict an actual day.
Show what it looks like going to work, who they are going to meet there, a typical desk, the elevator they will use, where they will park, how they will collaborate, and where meetings are held. The easier they can visualize themselves at your organization, the easier their decision.

9. Show off technology.
Millennials desire an innovative environment to quench their tech dependence. In the Zendesk video, many employees can be seen using Wi-Fi, flat screens, Macs, iPads, and various smartphones.

10. Exhibit social perks.
Millennials are looking for community as much as a job. In its video, Zendesk highlights its community outreach, office basketball games, parties, and company sport teams.

Tomorrow we’ll hear more from Jenkins on valuable tips for making a recruiting video that will capture the attention of Millennials. Plus, an introduction to an interactive webinar, Recruiting Technology 101: What It Can Do and How to Use It.

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