Attention HR Pros: Certification Exams are Getting a Makeover

U.S.-based Human Resource management practices are quickly transforming and growing more complex. Senior-level HR professionals play expanded roles in the strategic advancement of business outcomes. All HR professionals are also asked to help champion employee engagement and to support improved business decisions with data-driven analytics.

HRCI to Expand Exam Locations, Accessibility

HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) exams will soon be made available to more locations worldwide. The HR certification organization announced a partnership with computer-based testing provide Pearson VUE, in which HRCI will utilize Pearson VUE’s network of 5,000 test centers to deliver exams for its suite of certification exams.

The Role of HR In Compensation Decisions

Today, we’re continuing our coverage of highlights from the results of the BLR® 2015–2016 Pay Budget Survey. Full survey results are available to our Compensation.BLR.com® subscribers on the website.

Crafting an Effective Salary Structure: Art or Science?

Yesterday, we got some insights on the importance of a well-structured approach to compensation at your organization, courtesy of J. Timothy O’Rourke. Today, we look at his take on whether building an effective salary structure is more of an art or a science.

Sales: In Its Own Category When It Comes to Bonuses

Yesterday, we looked at the types of employee bonuses you might wish to consider offering as well as some of the pros and cons. Today, we turn to sales team incentives, which are in a category all by themselves.

The Skinny on Bonuses

“Bonus” is a term we’re all familiar with in a general sense, but today we’re going to step back and look at the concept in the context of your overall compensation strategy.

Slotting Jobs In When There’s No Market Data for Them

Yesterday, BLR’s Senior Compensation Editor Sharon McKnight, CCP, SPHR, took us through the process of finding compensation data for those slippery jobs that are tough to classify. Today: What to do if you’ve gone through all those steps and still find yourself coming up empty.

Finding Market Data for Elusive Jobs

Trying to find market data for some jobs may seem a little like searching for a needle in a haystack—tedious, time-consuming, and marginally successful. Often, the problem isn’t that no data are available but in how we’re look for them, says BLR’s Senior Compensation Editor Sharon McKnight, CCP, SPHR.

You Must Communicate Effectively About Compensation

Yesterday, we got some insights from Chuck Csizmar of CMC Compensation Group about the importance of having a formal compensation strategy document at your organization. Today, we’ll look at the rest of his “Top 8” list of design considerations, plus some final strategies for success.

Why You Need a Compensation Strategy Document

You may already have a mission statement in place at your organization. But do you have a formal compensation strategy document—a comp-specific mission statement, in other words? You need one, says Chuck Csizmar of CMC Compensation Group. Read on to find out why.