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Managing Your Introverted Employees

Group 1: Warren Buffett. Marissa Mayer. Mark Zuckerberg. Group 2: Bill Clinton. Steve Jobs. Sheryl Sandberg.These two groups of widely recognized leaders represent two different ends of a personality spectrum that ranges from introverts to extroverts. The fact that both lists contain people who are inarguably quite successful disproves the perception that sometimes exists that […]

Too Few Women on the Path to Leadership

A new study addresses women in the workplace and their opportunities to assume leadership roles … And the results demonstrate a need for change. Women in the Workplace 2016, a comprehensive annual study of the state of women in corporate America by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.org, finds that women fall behind early and face […]

College Graduate? Now Start Learning

Oswald, CEO of BLR, offered his advice to his son in a recent edition of The Oswald Letter: My first thought was that I had the order of those two things reversed—that I should be providing him advice on life first and career second. The most precious things in life aren’t “things” at all—they’re people. […]