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Conn. Assembly Mandates Paid Sick Leave

Connecticut legislators approved a bill that will require most employers in the service sector to provide paid sick days to their workers, continuing a trend of states creating more paid sick leave rights for workers. The bill passed on a 76-65 vote after a long debate in the state House of Representatives on June 3 […]

What to Do When Contagious Illnesses Come to Work

by Susan Fahey Desmond You’ve probably had enough of hearing about the swine flu (now called the H1N1 virus). It’s front-page news across the world. We are now in a full pandemic as defined by the World Health Organization, but the first thing to understand is not to panic. Your company may already have been […]

Election Day Brings Milwaukee Employees Sick Leave Benefits

While much of the focus on the recent election has been on the results of the presidential and federal and state legislative races, in Wisconsin, city of Milwaukee voters also passed a binding referendum creating an ordinance providing sick leave benefits for all employees working within the city. Effective immediately, the ordinance is being enforced […]