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Hottest Workplace Perk a Cut Above the Rest

Sure, Silicon Valley workers are used to superior perquisites, from gourmet dining to concierge services. But the hottest workplace perk, says Marketwire, is a cut above the rest—subsidized haircuts. Companies do want their employees to look well-groomed at work (hence all those dress code and personal hygiene policies). So companies are working with vendors to […]

Pay-for-Performance? Three Questions to Ask First

Green, who is a principal at consultant Hay Group, offered her tips at a recent webinar sponsored by HRHero/BLR. What Pay-for-Performance Is (And Isn’t) First, says Green, it’s important to clarify what is pay for performance and what isn’t. Pay for performance, she says is: Any type of compensation or reward that is provided only […]

News Notes: Employee Who Revealed Trade Secrets Barred From Working In Field

In a new approach to dealing with leaks of trade secrets, a court barred a high-tech employee from performing any work in his field for two years after he allegedly disclosed confidential documents to a competitor during a job interview. The case involved David Allouche, who worked for National Semiconductor Corporation in Silicon Valley. Allouche […]