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School or Skills: How Employers Feel About ‘Tearing the Paper Ceiling’

In the fall of 2022, a coalition of nearly 50 organizations launched the “Tear the Paper Ceiling” campaign in an effort to convince employers to shed degree requirements for certain jobs. The thinking goes that such requirements are often unnecessary and not only make hiring more difficult than it has to be but also hold […]

Making It Count: Tips for Effective Email Communication

Email is woven into our work lives. It’s important, and we should treat it as important, so we need to take a minute to think about making it more effective. Here are three suggestions. Suggestion #1: Respond Somewhere along the line, email made us forget basic manners, but its ease of use is to blame, […]

Addressing Skills Gaps in a Competitive Employee Market

Virtually every team and organization has run across an opportunity or a challenge for which they have felt lacking in the skills department and either failed to take advantage of that opportunity or avoid the consequences of that risk. Sometimes these skills gaps are known well in advance—such as a healthcare organization preparing for the […]

Understanding BATNA

Although many employees think only lawyers and salespeople are involved in negotiations, the reality is that these types of negotiations take place in the office all the time between departments, with customers and business partners, and between bosses and subordinates.

Four Ways Job-Hunters Can Stand Out in a Skill-Centric Job Market

The hiring landscape is experiencing a significant shift for not only hiring managers and recruiters but also for jobseekers. What used to be the traditional criteria for candidates to land interviews, like college degrees and years of experience, are increasingly no longer the norm. Skills are now the top priority, and the ways in which […]

Why Employers Should Evolve Hiring Practices to Focus on Skills

Today’s workers aren’t just looking for a job; they desire the feeling of belonging and support in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employees aren’t getting what they need from their employers. Just 36% of employees feel empowered and supported at work, and the proportion of employees who do not feel included in their organizations is 10 […]

Hiring Veterans: The Hidden Value of Unconventional Workers

While America celebrates members of the U.S. armed forces, who have valiantly served their country, this Veterans Day, many military men and women are making the decision to enter civilian life. Those making the transition now are doing so at an ideal time, as employers are refreshing the hiring process, opting to redefine the idea […]

Most Employers Don’t Understand the Skills (and Gaps) of Their Workforces

Years ago, the key resource available to many companies was their physical capital. In an industrial economy, the primary drivers of productivity and profitability were machinery and other equipment used in the production of goods. While workers needed to be competent enough to operate this equipment and reliable enough to show up for work, labor […]


Significant Need for Upskilling by 2025

Technology, business, and the global economy have never been static. New developments and trends are constantly emerging, and others are falling by the wayside. This means that training must also be dynamic to account for the needs and realities of an ever-changing world, and new data suggests that this need is considerable for today’s workers […]

Hiring the Best Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing can make or break a company. Companies in all stages of development, from budding new business ventures to well-established household names, can benefit from the right ads in the right places at the right times. However, marketing in and of itself can be a time-consuming and demanding task.