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6 Talent Acquisition Practices of High Performing Organizations

The acquisition and development of talent at all levels of high performing organizations is no accident – it’s the result of specific and surprisingly consistent characteristics that can be learned and implemented.

It’s Not Easy Being Global

Here is Buglass’s helpful advice for how to avoid the costliest mistakes when growing your company in foreign countries. (Buglass, Vice President of Human Capital Consulting for Radius, is an expert on global employment law compensation and benefits, stock options, expatriate tax, and immigration-related issues.) Getting HR Right in a Global Expansion There is no […]

Ask the Trainer: Language Learning

A: In today’s multicultural workplace and economy, it is important for many employees to become multilingual. With companies of all sizes connecting with colleagues and clients across the globe via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, language training is playing an increasingly important role, says Michael Schutzler, CEO of Livemocha (www.livemocha.com), which describes itself as the […]

Not All Monsters Are Bad

Litigation Value:  $300,000 per claim (until respected HR manager is in place). Though there is so much to write about — office romance, sexual harassment, what Kevin might be regarded as, pranks involving animals, and fraud — tonight, in honor of Toby’s departure, I want to focus on monsters.  It is no secret that Michael […]