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Words Matter (More than Lithium)

Litigation Value: A plaintiff (and high school) class consisting of “Scott’s Tots,” each of whom could claim entitlement to four years of college tuition — less an offset for the value of a laptop battery. (Thanks, Mr. Scott.) Greetings, faithful readers! You know the summer’s going fast and the nights are growing colder — at […]

Job Posting

Alas, repeats. My able colleague, Jaclyn West, wrote about this week’s episode — The Chump — in her excellent post of May 14. But fear not. There is big news this week that demands its own post. NBC has confirmed that Steve Carell will leave The Office when his contract expires in 2011. Michael Scott’s seven-year reign as Scranton […]


Litigation Value: $0. Now that we’re into the summer season of recycled shows, we’ll assume that all stale claims are time-barred. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Or so we thought. With a doubleheader of The Office repeats on last night’s schedule, this blogger was getting ready to post a rehash of two […]


I don’t usually pass along pop-culture links, but this one was too good to be true. On Tuesday of this week, TMZ reported that Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott on The Office, was selected for jury duty in an employment-related dispute in California! Well, at least he had some experience with litigation earlier this […]

Some further thoughts from “Branch Closing”

There is a right way to announce a reduction in force to employees. Going around the office muttering phrases such as “do your work while you still can” or “it doesn’t matter, we’ll be gone in a few weeks anyway” under your breath isn’t it. In the real world, a company planning a RIF should […]