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What’s high performance HR? Hint, it’s about more than just people

Human resources professionals have long touted their skills related to people. It’s the HR department that makes sure an organization has the people it needs and then makes sure the needs of those people are met, but does truly strategic HR require more? Definitely yes, according to HR practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and author Christopher D. […]

Going from cost center to profit booster: How HR can make the transition

Human resources professionals can be excused for feeling a bit apologetic at times. They know the important work they do, but they work under the cloud of labels like “cost center” and “overhead”—labels often heard coming from the C suite. If the top executives in an organization consider the department necessary but also a drain, […]

Why Insurance is One of Your Most Valuable Strategic Assets

By Michael Welling, Partner, Meridian Risk Management Let’s be honest. No one wants to talk about insurance. The mere thought of buying something you hope you never have to use is quite unnerving for most. In fact, conventional wisdom tells us that insurance is essentially just “a drain on the bottom line” or just “an […]


Exploring how top management can get the most out of HR

Nobody likes the idea of being exploited. Such a notion conjures up feelings of being abused and unfairly taken advantage of. But turn the notion around. What serious human resources professionals wouldn’t welcome working for an organization that fully “exploits” their talents and skills?  HR pros have long advocated taking a larger role as a […]

HR skills inadequate? Research details challenges for 21st century employers

Few would deny that the human resources department has its hands full. With change bombarding the workplace at an ever-increasing pace, HR professionals feel the heat. Now, a new study examining 21st century workplace trends concludes that HR is at risk of getting burned.   The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report sounds a dire […]

Deep understanding of an organization leads HR to ‘seat at the table’

Human resources professionals have long sought a “seat at the table” that would elevate their professional status while providing crucial expertise to the C suite. Just how to gain that voice among an organization’s top leaders is an often-discussed topic. We asked Dr. Charles G. Capps, an associate professor of management at Lipscomb University in […]

Insights from a CEO: HR can become a strategic partner

HR professionals know they have a lot to offer and deserve “a seat at the table” in the C-suite, but showing top management that their expertise is vital to an organization’s strategic efforts often is a tough sell. Tough, but not impossible. Dan Oswald, CEO of human resources information provider BLR, shared some advice for […]