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What Should HR Look for in Meetings with Upper Management?

In part one of this article series, I was discussing getting through to leadership as an HR professional with expert guest Ed Muzio. Today, I continue that discussion specifically about to what extent HR professionals should know business metrics and what they should listen for in meetings with upper management. To listen to the entire […]


Top 5 Ways Employers Control Healthcare Costs

It’s been in the news frequently enough that most of us are at least vaguely aware that healthcare costs have been rising over the last several years. Anyone paying for health insurance is certainly more than vaguely aware of this. While employees are seeing higher deductibles and more expensive premiums, the impact on businesses is […]

HR as We Know It Isn’t Working—It’s Time to Redefine It

HR has a problem. Despite now having a seat at the executive table and more resources than ever, HR outcomes aren’t improving. The number of HR-related workplace lawsuits has increased. Employee engagement remains below 35%. Many small and midsize businesses operate without fully understanding their legal obligations. And as the #MeToo movement has painfully exposed, […]

How Data is Evolving Human Resources

The field of People Science is transforming the way that HR is practiced in progressive companies, and changing the perception and expectations of HR along the way, by showing how the responsibilities of HR can be quantified, improved and most importantly, correlated with business results.  Any competent Chief People Officer will have their own set […]


New HR Careers Report Unveils Trends in Salaries, Titles, and More

Namely, an HR platform for midsized companies, has released its HR Careers Report 2018. The report analyzed data from over 1,000 companies to uncover trends in the fast-growing HR profession. The resulting data cuts through stereotypes to take a closer look at the 5.6 million HR professionals across the United States who are so central […]

What’s high performance HR? Hint, it’s about more than just people

Human resources professionals have long touted their skills related to people. It’s the HR department that makes sure an organization has the people it needs and then makes sure the needs of those people are met, but does truly strategic HR require more? Definitely yes, according to HR practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and author Christopher D. […]

Going from cost center to profit booster: How HR can make the transition

Human resources professionals can be excused for feeling a bit apologetic at times. They know the important work they do, but they work under the cloud of labels like “cost center” and “overhead”—labels often heard coming from the C suite. If the top executives in an organization consider the department necessary but also a drain, […]

Why Insurance is One of Your Most Valuable Strategic Assets

By Michael Welling, Partner, Meridian Risk Management Let’s be honest. No one wants to talk about insurance. The mere thought of buying something you hope you never have to use is quite unnerving for most. In fact, conventional wisdom tells us that insurance is essentially just “a drain on the bottom line” or just “an […]