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Employers Should Take Note of Recent Spike in Union Organizing Activity

In the first quarter of 2022, unions filed more than 550 election petitions in the United States, compared with only 290 in the first quarter of 2021. It’s the largest first-quarter number filed in the past seven years. While part of the increase can be attributed to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which has […]

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Tips to Limit Risk of Employee Harassment by Customers

Most employers are equipped to respond to employee allegations of harassment by coworkers or managers. There are added levels of difficulty, however, when they complain about harassment by a customer, contractor, or other visitor to the business. A federal court of appeals recently ruled a Harrah’s Casino employee can go to trial on her claims […]


Promoting from within? Take care to ease transition for new supervisors

It may seem a no-brainer for an employer looking to fill a supervisory position to offer the job to one of the nonsupervisory stars in the organization. Promoting from within can be a smart choice for many reasons, but the transition from underling to supervisor also can be problematic if management doesn’t take steps to […]

New California law mandates sexual harassment training for local officials

by Beth Kahn and Sigalit Shoghi Morris Polich & Purdy LLP Changes to California’s law requiring sexual harassment training for supervisory employees will go into effect on January 1, 2017, clearing up ambiguity about whether elected city officials are required to take sexual harassment prevention training and education courses already mandated for private-sector supervisors. Assembly […]

Peter Dinklage takes on Elf

It’s December, which means that those of us holiday fanatics can decorate and watch Christmas movies to our hearts’ content without shame.  Of course, I won’t tell anyone if you already had your tree up in November (like me) or if you never took it down from last year.  One of my favorite Christmas movies […]

Keys for Training Supervisors to Avoid Lawsuits

While you are at it, Schickman adds, make sure that your practices match your policies. Schickman is a partner with Freeland Cooper &Foreman LLP in San Francisco. He offered his tips during a recent webinar sponsored by BLR® and HR Hero®. Supervisor Training Highlights Be sure your training covers the following, says Schickman: Basic rules […]

Training & Development Survey Results–How Do You Compare?

Top compliance training topics for employees are new hire orientation (79%), sexual harassment (75%), and discrimination (69%). For professional development training for employees, job-related skills leads the list (73%), followed by communication (66%), customer service skills (59%), team building (49%), computer skills (46%), and time management (36%). The survey also covered: HR’s Role in Training […]


Comp time―not an option for private employers

by Reggie Gay Say you have a nonexempt salaried employee who will be working an extra six hours each week for additional training for her position. The extra hours will result in overtime hours each week. However, the employee is requesting comp time in lieu of overtime pay. Is it OK to let her track […]

Employer That Retaliates Digs Its Own Grave

by Boyd A. Byers The thirst for revenge is among the strongest of human emotions. In fact, the innate desire to “get even” has driven much of history. But acting on vindictive feelings can have dire consequences — particularly in the world of employment law. Mastering HR Report: Discrimination Courts receptive to retaliation Most employment […]