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83% of Women Over 25 are Postponing Starting a Family to Focus on Careers, Says Survey

First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes … delayed family plans? Eighty-three percent of women over the age of 25 who plan to have children are postponing starting a family to focus on their career, compared to 79% of men, found a recent CareerBuilder survey. Wanting to earn and save enough money to provide […]

How to Handle Attention-Seeking Candidates

Yesterday we looked at some of the results of a study done by CareerBuilder® into what extremes candidates will go to in order to get noticed. Today we’ll go over a few more examples and what you might do if you run into a similar candidate.

Bad Hires: Learn from Your Mistakes

Yesterday we looked at Monster’s Small Business, Big Hire survey, which discusses how businesses handle bad hires. Today, more from that survey, plus some tips to avoid bad hires in the first place.

What College Students Expect Out of College

As a recruiter, it’s important to know the landscape of college recruiting. In a recent survey by CareerBuilder, that landscape is revealed. Today we’ll see what college student expectations are so you can appropriately gauge the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy.

5 Hiring Trend Forecasts for 2016

In yesterday’s Advisor we explored a survey by CareerBuilder concerning employer confidence and hiring projections for 2016. Today, five trends to focus on for 2016. Five Trends to Watch in the New Year When looking at key trends that will help shape the employment landscape in 2016, it appears that several are tied to higher […]


The 5 Things Bosses Want to Hear from Employees

Yesterday’s Advisor featured four characteristics of great onboarding programs. Today we shift to leadership and take a look at a new study highlighting boss/employee relations—including five things that bosses wish their employees would tell them. Managers and leaders make contributions every day to ensure their employees’ success. Building a strong relationship with your supervisor is […]