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Survey Says: Share the Responsibility of Leadership Training

Employer-sponsored training is often seen as the primary way for employees to advance their careers, but an expert says training will become more of a shared responsibility starting in 2015. However, leadership development will remain a top priority. Nearly half of senior human resources leaders globally identified leadership development as their top priority in a […]

Do Your Talent Management Strategies Develop These 7 Successful Leadership Practices?

  In the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape—which is expected to continue for 2015—leaders face many challenges that require aggressive, sustained talent management strategies to prepare them for success. New research from Development Dimensions International (DDI) and The Conference Board, titled The Global Leadership Forecast (GLF) 2014 | 2015, Ready-Now Leaders: Meeting […]

Talent Management—Not Just for Hollywood Anymore

Among the speakers at the HR Tech conference held recently in Las Vegas was Josh Bersin, a highly respected consultant and principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting. “Talent Management? Isn’t that for Hollywood?” he asked. Here is some of Bersin’s research along with tips for succeeding with a talent agenda for the […]

JDs a Strategic Tool for TM

Job descriptions (JDs) are the foundation of your integrated talent management (ITM) infrastructure, says consultant Gordon Medlock, but most organizations currently do not link JD content to most of their talent management processes. And that’s a missed opportunity. Why Is There No Linkage? Medlock, who is Senior Talent Management Consultant at HRIZONS, offers the following […]

Alignment, Talent, Metrics, Branding—Simple to Say, Hard to Do

In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered policy and basic issues HR managers will face for the rest of the year; today, strategic issues, plus an introduction to a free Sue Meisinger webcast on challenges for HR in 2014. Strategic goals sound so simple (align work with company strategy, develop an employment brand, develop good metrics) but […]

Expat Tips—Prepare for Dual-Career Couples and Trailing Spouses

By Anthony Di Bratto As companies continue to expand globally and as international trade and production become both easier and more cost-effective, more and more companies are sending their employees abroad. These employees, known as expatriates or “expats,” are employees from the home country who are transferred to work in a host (foreign) country. This […]