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Final pay rules in California: Understanding the waiting-time penalty

What is the waiting-time penalty? Under California Labor Code Section 203, employers will be assessed a penalty for any willful failure of on-time payment of any part of final wages due to a departing employee. Remember that wages earned are due and payable immediately upon discharge for involuntary terminations. For resignations with at least 72 […]

Employee Retention & Engagement

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) recently issued a decision that reads like a “what not to do” in response to employee complaints. When one employee complained to her manager about sexual harassment and assault by a coworker, the company looked into the matter but failed to protect her. In fact, the […]

Keep Long-Term Goals in Mind While Cuting Staff, Budget

Talent Management We’ve talked a lot about job loss. With U.S. companies slashing nearly 600,000 jobs in January, it has been top of mind for most of us.  Here’s the upside in what is an otherwise very dismal situation.  Layoffs can give a company the opportunity to cull its lowest performers, resulting in a leaner, […]