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Faces of HR: Michele Silverman on Championing Well-Being at Veterinary Innovative Partners

Michele Silverman isn’t your average HR leader. With two decades of experience, she’s not just a master of policy and procedure but also an architect of meaningful employee experiences. At Veterinary Innovative Partners (VIP), a network of over 40 veterinarian-owned-and-operated hospitals across nine states, her mission is clear: to empower veterinarians and their teams to […]

5 Steps Leaders Can Take to Unleash Their Team’s Strengths

It’s not unreasonable to say most of us in leadership probably got there because we were really good as individual contributors, and someone saw potential in us to lead others. Alternately, and statistically more likely, we were thrown into leadership in the hope we could duplicate ourselves or at the very least – keep things […]

5 Ways to Celebrate the Success of Your Team

Did you know that according to a study by Socialcast, 69% of employees would work harder if they felt like their company better appreciated their efforts? It’s inherent in human nature to appreciate rewards and praise when one excels, whether it comes from the company, a manager, or a coach. This not only boosts individual […]

Leaders and Motivation: Is It Them or Me?

What have you done lately to help your team fully invest in their work? Leaders frequently ask me to explain why some members of their workforce don’t seem fully engaged or motivated. They report that people are just going through the motions or, worse, just doing what’s minimally expected. “In an era when innovation, speed, […]

Top Lessons Learned During My Entrepreneurial Journey

The conventional hiring wisdom prioritizes hard skills. However, at a company’s earliest stages, the sheer quantity and diversity of activities that are required to get things off the ground very rarely fit squarely in one person’s suite of competencies. Daily activity also evolves rapidly, so hiring someone who meets a specific set of needs at […]

Evaluating Recent Grad Skill Levels

For employers anxiously watching the labor market for signs the pool of available talent is getting larger, recent high school and college graduates are an important demographic. Every year brings millions of new high school and college graduates to the workforce, representing a potentially lucrative pool of labor for employers to recruit from. But do […]

The Cost of Workplace Addiction

Alcohol and drug use on the job takes place far more often than you may think. A decade ago, a national study found that 63% of workers said they could acquire alcohol at work, bring alcohol into work, use alcohol on their breaks or during lunch, and even consume alcohol while working. Just over 59% […]

Creating a Culture of Constructive Disagreement

While many organizations have at least one or two stereotypical aggressive, Type-A personalities who aren’t shy about sharing even their most controversial opinions, most people tend to be a bit more reserved. This is especially true in a corporate setting, where norms of etiquette, professionalism, and hierarchy often stifle potential disagreements. Junior Team Members Defer […]

Does Your Recruiting Team Need a Sourcer?

From April to September 2021, over 24 million American employees resigned. HR professionals everywhere have felt the strain of this so called “Great Resignation.” But, in spite of record resignation rates, the unemployment rate in April 2021 was only 3.8%. In such a competitive labor market, how can leaders acquire today’s top talent while preventing […]


Is Mindfulness Good or Bad for Teamwork?

The popularity of mindfulness has exploded in recent years. While the concept got its start as a source of personal well-being, its potential benefits for the professional world have become increasingly apparent, as well. Mindfulness vs. Meditation Mindfulness is often confused with meditation, and the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. While related, there are […]