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Turnoffs: Factors Impacting Employees to Decline Job Offers or Leave Organizations

Despite some high-profile tech layoffs, businesses around the country continue to struggle with high rates of employee attrition and lackluster recruitment efforts. Understanding the drivers of this trend may help employers identify strategies for getting ahead of it and keeping employees—especially top talent—on board. We reached out to business owners and hiring and retention experts […]

Relying on Attrition (Instead of Layoffs) to Reduce Head Counts

As the global economy continues to flirt with recession, many employers have already begun letting large numbers of employees go. This trend is particularly evident in the tech industry, where companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft (among others) have laid off more than 70,000 workers in the past year. And that’s just one industry. The […]

Care, Value, and Believe: Intentionally Inspiring High-Performance Teams After Layoffs

It’s no surprise that employee confidence has been shaken with the recent spate of corporate layoffs nationwide. Indeed, 31% of professionals responding to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Survey are now concerned about their companies cutting budgets or staff. Their anxiety should be a wake-up call to HR and corporate leaders whether or not they have a […]

IT Talent Gap: Tips to Overcome the Tech Labor Shortage

Despite the current backdrop of economic certainty, organizations both large and small are dealing with an acute and prolonged level of job vacancies across their IT teams. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that every sector of business competes for skilled tech workers these days. Technology has become such an integral part of the way […]

Engaging Your Employees After Layoffs

Recent headlines have proclaimed massive layoffs in multiple sectors. Amazon, Meta, and Twitter have made significant cuts to their workforces, as well as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Layoffs can strike fear into the hearts of all workers, not just those who have received word their positions have been eliminated. As a result, they may […]

The Domino Effect: How to Plan for and Execute a Successful Reorganization

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly volatile economic climate, layoffs are too often the start of the reorganization conversation rather than the outcome of a collaborative and purposeful decision-making process. These layoff decisions, when isolated from a larger restructuring strategy, can sometimes create a “domino effect” of unintended consequences, leading to more problems for the company […]

Why the Big Layoffs in Big Tech?

What do Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook parent company Meta have in common? Well, besides the obvious fact that they’re all major tech companies, all three firms have recently announced significant employee layoffs. Massive Layoffs Strike Big Tech Meta, which also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, announced the layoff of over 11,000 employees in early November. Following […]