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5 Ways to Show Up for Your People During Challenging Times

In 2023, we find ourselves at an inflection point in the world of work. While the rollercoaster of responding to a global pandemic has slowed, the baton of uncertainty has been passed. The workforce now faces an unpredictable economy, widespread layoffs, and a pervasive feeling of burnout. That’s why the last few years have been […]

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on the Workforce

Many observers were surprised at just how resilient the American economy has been coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the American economy has been so strong that employers have been struggling to find enough workers to staff their operations. Unfortunately, high demand for both goods and labor has often been met with limited […]

Is Q1 Still the Best Time for Hiring in an Uncertain Economy?

Even with the looming danger of a full-scale recession, as seen by record high mortgage rates and falling consumer spending, the job market’s strength has continued to act as a buffer. Despite massive layoffs in the tech sector, according to experts, there are employers planning to hire in the coming months as opposed to reductions […]

Why Ethical AI & Automation is Good Business in a Labor-Constrained World

Despite economic headwinds, the labor market remains tight. While there may be some softening of the U.S. labor market, hiring quality talent will remain challenging. This expectation is based on recent Employ Inc. data and Bureau of Labor Market Statistics, which projects that the U.S. labor shortfall will continue through 2030.  When finding quality talent, […]

Employees First, Last, and Always: How to Win in a Tight Labor Market

We’re still in a tight labor market, and many employees still feel overworked and dissatisfied. According to Gallup, three out of four employees feel burnt out on the job at least sometimes. Low unemployment along with rising wages are making it even harder to find good workers. The solution to this problem is an intelligent […]

4 Tips for Closing Job Candidates

Although the hiring market is beginning to tiptoe back from the edge of chaos, depending on your industry, it’s still an applicant’s market. Closing job candidates becomes a priority when a position has been open for a while. It takes time and money to find great candidates and get them in for an interview, but […]

3 Misconceptions About Tech Apprenticeships 

The U.S. economy has grown rich in job opportunities but poor in skills. Since COVID-19, surveys by Gartner, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and others have consistently shown that employers can’t find people qualified to fill their open roles. The zero-sum competition for scarce workers like […]

HR Query: Skills Gap or Waning Interest? Why Tech Leaders Can’t Find Talent (Part 2)

Welcome back to HR Query! In Part 2 of this two-part series on attracting and retaining top-talent with the technology sector, we dive deeper into how HR leaders and organizations can combat the difficulties of the tech talent shortage. If you missed Part 1 of our coverage, featuring John W. Mitchell, President and CEO of […]

The Millions of ‘Missing’ U.S. Workers

It’s no secret that businesses around the country have been struggling to find workers over the last few years. What’s more of a secret is why these businesses are facing such a challenge. Recent research helps shed some light on the issue, or issues, contributing to the shortfall. COVID Impact on Work Life “Long COVID, […]

States Toy with Idea of Loosening Child Labor Laws Amid Tight Labor Market

The labor shortage businesses are facing across the country has been lingering for years, with some arguing the trend can be traced back to the 2008 financial crisis. Businesses faced with worker shortages have tried a variety of strategies to mitigate the challenges: signing bonuses and increased wages, increased use of automation and customer self-service […]