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5 Ways to Leverage Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In a couple of previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’ve talked about understanding and communicating with diverse markets, discovering new insights, and the importance of diversity and inclusion to your employees. We know it’s important. Now what? Here, we look at five strategies to promote diversity and […]

Diversity and Inclusion—Now a Business Imperative

The importance of diversity and inclusion is a topic that was little discussed in years past, but one that is becoming ever more important and gaining increasing interest among scholars and business leaders every year. Over several posts, we’ll look at the topics of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. First, we’ll discuss their importance […]

Danger Zone—Overly Rigid HR Policies

A business, like any organization, needs rules and policies to function properly, especially as it becomes larger and more sophisticated. These rules and policies form a kind of skeleton around which the rest of the business organism can operate. However, it’s dangerous to make HR policies too rigid, as this risks alienating and turning away […]

HR Manager—the ‘Employee Experience Designer’

Human resource (HR) professionals often get a bad rap. For many, the very term “HR” conjures up stereotypical images of a stuffy, rigid, rules-based, by-the-book corporate lacky whose primary purpose is to enforce company policies and occasionally make some changes to the company insurance plan. But Courtney Branson, writing for HR Daily Advisor®, argues that […]

Age Bias—It's Easy to Step into a Discrimination Claim

In an article for ProPublica by Peter Gosselin and Ariana Tobin, the authors use IBM as a case study for the dangers of organizations leaving themselves open to claims of age discrimination. IBM was one of the original “tech” companies—so original that it seems old school compared with names like Facebook, Amazon, and even Microsoft.

Six Critical Steps to Take to Effectively and Professionally Terminate an Employee

If you’re like most HR professionals, you probably don’t enjoy terminating employees. In fact, you probably would prefer to avoid it altogether. However, sometimes it’s part of the job and there are those employees who simply need to be delivered the bad news. Here are six steps to take to effectively and professionally terminate an […]

‘I wish I’d fired more people’ (Founder of Panera)

In an Entrepreneur article, the founder of Panera Bread, Ron Shaich, revealed that, in looking back at his tenure with the organization (he stepped down in January), he wished that he had fired more people. As he writes, “I didn’t understand that a leader can’t put up with employees’ baloney. If someone isn’t producing, a […]

Sexual Harassment Fallout—How to Respond

In the wake of the 2017 Harvey Weinstein scandal around workplace sexual harassment and assault, the nation had a major wake-up call when it comes to these serious issues. In the fallout that followed Weinstein’s downfall, accusations against powerful men in industries from entertainment to business to sports to politics have emerged. And then there’s […]


A Changing Approach to Sexual Harassment Training

Encouraging employees to report sexual harassment is a challenge that recent developments have catapulted to the front burner. We found some good advice in the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) recently published research initiative: the SHRM Harassment-Free Workplace series. In two previous posts, we discussed two findings that seem as though they could be […]

Underreporting of Sexual Harassment—Steps to Take

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently published the results of a year-long research initiative: the SHRM Harassment-Free Workplace series. The first part of the series focused on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. In a previous post, we looked at some surprising data showing that 22 percent of non-management employee respondents […]