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What You Should Look for in a Language-Learning Program and Why

Going global? Already there? English is still the lingua franca abroad, but this is taken for granted. Stepping into the ring with a limited perspective will prove detrimental to your current or future international business endeavors. It’s time for the English-only workplace to plug language-training programs into their LMS. Standing out among the competition depends on it.

Survey Says: Training Issues Impede Performance Management

  Insufficient training and a lack of training are two of the reasons that HR professionals cited when asked to identify obstacles that impede effective performance management in organizations, according to a recent survey. The survey, conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) in collaboration with the National Center for the Middle Market […]

5 More Tips on How to Train Supervisors to Administer FMLA

How do you deal with the supervisor who appears to be on a “personal crusade” to “eradicate all Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) abuse”? What about the supervisor who likes to pretend he doesn’t know that FMLA leave exists? Read on to find out. 1. Prohibit negative comments about FMLA leave both in general […]

Train Your Leaders on 5 More Leadership Skills

In an article that first appeared on HR.BLR.com, guest columnist Elizabeth Dukes from iOffice.com writes that while the top leaders’ instincts are much of what helped them rise to the top, many of their most valuable tools are learned skills. If you are looking to advance into a top leadership position, here are 5 more […]

Do You Train Your Employees on How to … Take Vacations?

Vacations are very important for a wellness lifestyle. All work and no play can not only lead to exhausted employees; it can also be dangerous to their health. That being the case, here are some ideas you can give your employees for stress-free vacation preparation. Note that not all of these suggestions fit all kinds […]

A Handy Handout for Diversity Training

Effective diversity training will train employees on the following goals: Recognize the impact of workplace diversity. Understand its benefits and challenges. Create varied, yet cohesive, work teams. Here’s a brief handout that outlines why diversity is important in the workplace—and how to make it work. 10 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Workplace Diversity Respect […]

Discrimination Training in 10 Minutes

Discrimination is an important perennial training topic for every workplace. So you’re in constant need of content that is concise and informative. In today’s Advisor, we give you a quick and compact session that you can use to bring employees up to speed in 10 minutes. The goals of this session are to help the […]

Include Autism in Your Diversity Training

This interview first appeared on HR.BLR.com and was conducted by BLR editor Elaine Quayle. Q: What are some best practices to help workers with autism learn job-related tasks and assimilate into the workplace? A: Give them a little extra time to get used to their new routine and environment and give them a lot of […]

Train Your Supervisors in Supervisory Skills

The material in today’s issue is brought to you courtesy of our sister publication, Compensation Daily Advisor. Your supervisors aren’t technical experts on HR matters, and they’re not going to be, but you can train them to act in a way that preserves HR’s options, says Attorney Mark Schickman, a partner with Freeland Cooper & […]

Train Supervisors to Be Critical Thinkers

Use the following description to teach your supervisors how the critical thinking process works. You can also go over each step of the process in more detail by describing a common workplace situation and then discussing each step trainees would follow to think critically about it. The critical thinking process begins with defining questions clearly […]