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IRS Announces Special Per Diems, High-Cost Locales for FY 2018

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated its special per diem rates for the transportation industry, incidental expenses, and the “high-low” substantiation method. These rates, announced September 25 in Notice 2017-54, apply to allowances paid to employees on or after October 1 for travel on or after that date.

What Is Predictable Scheduling?

Have you seen the recent trend of legislation related to predictable scheduling? Or maybe you’re wondering what constitutes predictable scheduling and how it might affect your organization? Let’s take a look at what this topic is all about and why it’s been in the news (and in ongoing legislative efforts) recently.

Senior HR Exec? Apply to Attend THRIVE HR Leadership Exchange

The THRIVE HR Leadership Exchange is BLR’s expense-paid gathering of top HR execs, held this year September 25-27 at the Omni Tucson National Resort in Tucson, Arizona. The event will focus on the challenges, problems, and solutions to today’s top HR concerns.


Don’t Get Left Behind by New California Employment Laws

By Joel Kane, Sedgwick, LLP The California Legislature is constantly enacting new laws, many of which address relatively narrow issues. In some instances, however, there’s still a significant impact on employers, especially in industries that are being targeted by the legislation.

Is California Employer Liable for Motorist’s Carpooling Injury?

The California Court of Appeal recently considered whether an employer may be held liable for a third party’s injuries resulting from an auto accident caused by an employee who was carpooling with his supervisor and coworkers from the jobsite after the end of their shift.

Ask the Expert: Our Employee Is On a Boat! How Do We Pay Him?

Question: An employee works on a boat (manual labor so does not meet job duties tests) that goes out for days at a time. He essentially “lives” on the boat while out at sea. How do we determine his “hours worked” in order to be compliant with the FLSA?

Employers Can Weigh in on Smartcard Guidance

Employers that offer mass transit benefits have an opportunity to put in their two cents’ worth on whether the IRS should issue clarifying guidance on the use of smartcards in conjunction with qualified transportation fringe benefits. The IRS said in Notice 2012-38, which it issued May 26, “The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service have become […]

Party Time

McCarthy Tetrault Q. When a company holds a social outing for employees and alcohol is served, what are the legal risks? How can potential liability be minimized? A. Parties and other social events provide employers with an opportunity to reward employees and let them interact with coworkers outside of the office. Unfortunately, they also create […]

Booze Cruise

LITIGATION VALUE: $0.00 – $1,000,000+ (depending on how bad the car accident caused by a drunk Dunder Mifflin employee is) Having an open bar at an employee party with no way to limit alcohol consumption is not a great idea. Hosting a “booze cruize” on the Lake Wollenpaupack Princess in January with no way to […]