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X-Men playing catch-up on genetics–the real-life wave of the present

Remember when the study of genetic information was deemed to be the purview of those in the medical field or reserved for films and television shows that were classified as “futuristic science fiction”? Not anymore. Today we live in a world where everyone is fully aware that their own genetic code and family history could […]

It’s OK if Your Workers Watch this Big-Screen TV

Why would you install a 90-inch big-screen TV on your plant floor?  Won’t workers just tune in to Sports Center or talk shows and be distracted? No, according to a company that says more media in the factory actually increases collaboration, engagement, and production performance.

Need Videos for Your Chemical Safety Training?

If you’re looking for a new method of training your employees on chemical safety, you may want to tap into their fondness for YouTube videos and reality TV. A 3-DVD set of 31 safety videos produced by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) is available free of charge at CSB’s website. CSB is charged with […]

Are Cliques Common in Your Workplace?

In general, cliques are associated with high school. Cafeteria tables for “the jocks,” “the nerds,” the “popular girls,” and so on. However, a new survey suggests this culture carries over into later in life—even into the workplace. A new CareerBuilder survey found that 43 percent of workers say their office or workplace has cliques and […]

Call the Cops? ‘Fashion Police’ Comedy Writers Not So Funny on Picket Line

Disgruntled comedy writers for the TV show “Fashion Police” weren’t so funny on the picket line in front of E! headquarters in LA—their chants were X-rated! The comedy writers have filed a complaint with the state against the entertainment network and Joan Rivers’ production company over “unfair labor practices and violations of California wage and […]

Is Safety Training Ever a Laughing Matter?

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. TV comedian/pianist Victor Borge used to say that laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Laughing together brings people closer. That’s because laughter is a shared experience, and laughter truly is infectious. When you see someone laughing, it brings a smile to your face, and you […]

‘I’ve Learned How to Manage Intermittent Leave Abuse’

It took her a couple of years to figure things out, she says. “You can’t fix intermittent [leave] abuse overnight. But it will get fixed if you stick with it.” She added that she is not a lawyer, and she “doesn’t play one on TV.” But she does have a handle on intermittent leave. (Dahlen […]

News Notes: Worker Who Watches TV Church Services Claims Religious Discrimination

Tyson Foods has agreed to change its religious accommodation policies to settle Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charges that the Arkansas poultry processor discriminated against a worker who watched Sunday church services on television. Tyson fired Afton Bolen from his job as a fryer operator for refusing to come in on Sundays, despite its policy of […]