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Lack of Training Could Doom Social Media Efforts

SHRM’s definition of social networking services and multimedia platforms includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other video-sharing sites, MySpace, Foursquare, Second Life, and photo-sharing applications.  The “Social Media in the Workplace” survey found that 68% of participants have employees who use social media to reach external audiences, such as current customers, potential customers, and potential […]

Hassles: Old—Harassment—and New—Technology

Segal, a partner in the Philadelphia office of Duane Morris LLP offered his tips at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition, held recently in Atlanta. Harassment Remains a Problem Before 1986, sexual harassment was not recognized. Then came the 1986 Vinson case and the 1991-Hill-Thomas hearings. They raised public awareness on sexual harassment and there […]

Twitter: All You Need to Know

By Jennifer Benz, Benz Communications If you’re not yet using Twitter, you may think the ubiquitous site—that asks “what are you doing?” and gives you only 140 characters to answer—is just a bunch of nonsense and online noise. But, before you dismiss Twitter as just an Ashton Kutcher—and Oprah Winfrey-inspired fad, read on to learn […]

Work Relationships That Change the World: What’s Love-Love Got to Do with It?

Group Publisher of Employment Law at M. Lee Smith Tony Kessler reviews Tommy Spaulding’s book It’s Not Just Who You Know, finding the author offers an insightful look into the five different levels of relationships. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, blogs, and Skype, most of us have cyber-lists filled to the brim with friends these […]

Watch Your Mouth

Forgive me for repeating myself, but The Office was a repeat last night. Thankfully it was the last repeat before next week’s season premier, Thursday, Sept. 23 on NBC. Moving on. This was the episode where Jo sought to uncover who blew the whistle on Sabre’s faulty explosive printers. There really didn’t seem to be […]

Twitter for Dummies

Inspired by the subject, M. Lee Smith’s Twitter master Tony Kessler reviews Twitter for Dummies by Laura Fitton, Michael E. Gruen, and Leslie Poston in rounds of 140 characters or less. 20 Tweets About Twitter For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) For this book review of Twitter for Dummies, here are 20 tweets (max 140 characters […]

Fast Company’s Best Business Books of 2009

These are the best business books of 2009, as ranked by Fast Company. 1.In CHEAP We Trust: The Story of a Misunderstood American Virtue by Lauren Weber. This history of frugality in America–why it’s been stigmatized and whether there’s a sustainable alternative to a purely consumption-based economy–is consistently surprising and clever. A very worthwhile indulgence. […]

Why Employers Can’t Ignore Social Networking Sites

Over the last several years, social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter have evolved to the point where most employees use at least one, if not several, of them throughout each day. Social networking sites provide an easily accessible medium for individuals to stay in contact with friends, colleagues, clients, prospective clients, and […]