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Senate Approves Pension Security Bill

It’s no secret that the private pension system in the United States is in crisis. Last week, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), which insures pensions for about 44 million Americans, announced that it has a startling deficit of $23 billion, fueled largely by having to take over pension plan liabilities of bankrupt airlines. But […]

News Notes: Big Verdict Affirmed in Race-Bias Case

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a $3.1 million verdict, including a $2.6 million punitive damage award, for an executive who claimed he was discriminated against and fired because of his Chinese nationality and ethnicity. Wei Zhang, who before coming to the United States was a business and economics professor in China, was […]

Discrimination: EEOC Releases Fact Sheets for Multinational Companies

With the globalization of business activity, more Americans than ever work overseas and more international companies do business here in the United States. Now the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released a series of fact sheets outlining the responsibilities and rights of multinational employers and their employees under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, […]

News Notes: NLRB Rejects “30%” Wage Hiring Rule

  Contractors Labor Pool is a major supplier of construction trade labor to nonunion contractors in the western United States. CPL implemented a new hiring guideline, based on a company retention study, under which it refused to hire applicants whose most recent job was at a pay level that was more than 30% above starting […]

News Notes: EEOC Expands Anti-Discrimination Protection To Undocumented Workers

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued new enforcement guidelines stating for the first time that federal anti-discrimination laws protect undocumented workers. According to the EEOC, illegal immigrants who are subjected to workplace discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation can sue their employers and receive lost wages, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. A court could also […]