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Coronavirus: Help Line Launched to Support Mental Health of Physicians

May is Mental Health Month and for one industry, workers are stepping up to provide much needed mental health support for their peers. More than 600 psychiatrists are volunteering to staff a hotline that is providing counseling services to physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Public Employees Who Volunteer: Do You Know the Rules Under the FLSA?

Not everyone who performs services for an employer is an employee. For example, many employers use the services of independent contractors, students, trainees, and volunteers. Therefore, an important question to consider is whether those types of workers are actually considered “employees.” If they are, they will be covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) […]

Can You Accept Volunteer Labor?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is seemingly straightforward on the matter of pay: employers must pay employees for all hours worked. But who is an employee? And can employers accept free work?

PTO for charity work: You give a little, they take a lot?

by Susan Hartmus Hiser Q Our company’s production work generally gets slow in the summer, and the company’s owner is a longtime proponent of charity work. Rather than giving employees extra vacation time in the summer or even laying them off, he would like to start offering a week of paid time off (PTO) to […]

Be wary when employees ‘volunteer’ to work through lunch

When workers volunteer to attend work-related meetings during their lunch break, are they dedicated employees eager to go the extra mile, or do they signal a legal problem? That’s an issue recently put to a group of attorneys who focus on employment law matters. Their advice: Be careful.  The attorneys were asked what to do […]

Employer Bears All Risk for Unpaid Interns

An enthusiastic and energetic individual approaches you with a proposal to volunteer his time to gain valuable experience in your industry. “After all,” reasons the prospective volunteer, “how can I get my first job if I have no experience in the field of my choice?” Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? Like many win-win […]

Smoking Pot and Feeding Grizzly Bears — Any Volunteers?

Normally in HR Hero Line, we focus on employment laws and issues that affect most employers. But when a state-specific workers’ comp case comes along that involves (1) a worker smoking pot before (2) his job feeding grizzly bears for (3) a company that says its workers were volunteers, (not employees), we think it’s worth […]

Interns and Trainees: Must They Be Paid?

(Updated May 2010) By Hillary J. Collyer Summer is here, which means that student interns are arriving for their summer internships — and many of these internships are unpaid. Internships afford students the opportunity to gain practical, real world experience, as well as explore various career paths and develop potential contacts. Employers should be careful, […]