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No Rest Breaks for the Weary in California

By Emily A. Mertes and Katharine Essick Since the California Supreme Court’s seminal meal and rest break decision Brinker v. Superior Court in 2012, employers have wrestled with whether, in their particular circumstances, it would be impractical to provide their employees with two separate rest breaks before and after a meal period during an 8-hour […]

Meal Period Waivers Are Back in Effect for California Healthcare

You may remember that back in the spring, a California Court of Appeal decision found that employees may not waive their second meal period during shifts longer than 12 hours, drastically affecting meal period policies throughout the Golden State’s healthcare industry. However, a new bill is bringing the waivers back.

Discipline and Termination: Near-Surefire Lawsuits

In yesterday’s CED, we covered “almost smoking gun” mistakes; today, more mistakes your managers make, plus an introduction to a helpful resource that will automate an important recordkeeping duty and take it off your plate once and for all.

What Unions Aren’t Allowed To Do

Yesterday, we looked at some of the rights employees have under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Today, some of the things unions are not allowed to do – plus a convenient resource that will ensure you’re always up to date on the various state and federal posting requirements, with a minimum of effort on […]

Key Exceptions to the Rule of Consistency in HR

Yesterday, we discussed the role of consistency in fighting off discrimination lawsuits. Today, when you might want to appear inconsistent – and an introduction to a key recordkeeping resource that will help you put some of your most important legal obligations on autopilot.