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HR Metrics: More on Required Posters and Pamphlets

Yesterday, we looked at some of the main federal posting requirements for employers. Today, we’ll look at what the state requires and also explain a time-saving new resource.

Because you’re in California, your duties don’t end with the federal posting requirements. Here are the postings required of most California employers under state law:

  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Notice to Employees: Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Access to Medical and Exposure Records
  • Time Off to Vote
  • Payday Notice
  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job
  • “Notice A”—Pregnancy Disability Leave
  • “Notice B”—Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave
  • Notice to Employees—Injuries Caused By Work
  • Discrimination and Harassment in Employment are Prohibited by Law
  • Notice to Employees: Reporting Wage Credits for UI, DI, and PFL
  • California Minimum Wage

Plus, you must display the state Wage Order poster (or posters) required for your specific industry.

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Not only that, but there are a bunch of notices you’re required to distribute to employees at various times in their employment relationship, on the following topics:

1. Sexual harassment: You must explain the law on sexual harassment to new hires, as well as the procedure for filing a complaint, and your legal obligations as an employer in this area.

2. Workers’ comp: New hires must be given a pamphlet about your workers’ comp coverage and the process that takes place if they’re injured. This pamphlet is provided by your workers’ comp insurer.

Get all the required posters — both state and federal — and pamphlets you need. Click here for more info.

3. Paid family leave: New hires and employees taking paid family leave must be told how the program works.

4. State disability insurance provisions: Info must be given to new hires and employees taking covered leave.

5. California’s programs for the unemployed: Info must be given to any employee who is terminated or laid off, or who goes on a leave of absence.

It’s a lot to keep track of, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you! Our new, comprehensive California Required Notices Package includes:

  • All the required state and federal posters you need, consolidated into two convenient (and durable) laminated sheets
  • The applicable Wage Order poster for your industry
  • 20 copies each of the required pamphlets on sexual harassment, paid family leave, the state disability insurance provisions, and the state unemployment programs (again, you obtain the workers’ comp pamphlet from your insurer).

The best part is that you only need to order once, and we’ll send you the updated posters and pamphlets every year — it’s one-stop shopping at its best.

Click here for more info. If you want just the posters or just the pamphlets, we can do that for you, too.

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