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Don’t Fix Weaknesses, Do Leverage Strengths

We falsely think that we are doing our jobs as managers by giving performance feedback—constructive or otherwise—to employees. Not so, according to Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall in their article, “The Feedback Fallacy,” which appeared in the March-April 2019 issue of the Harvard Business Review. Neurons Don’t Lie Feedback focuses employees on their shortcomings. Developmental […]


What Is Strengths-Based Management?

There are many ways to manage a team and develop and nurture employees. Strengths-based management (also known as strengths-based leadership) is one method by which leaders can evaluate the strengths of employees and continue to cultivate and develop them in ways that emphasize those strengths. This allows employees to perform to the best of their […]

HR Perspectives: What Is Environmental Scanning?

Have you ever heard of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis? If you have, the idea of environmental scanning will already be familiar to you. If not, it essentially is referring to the process of reviewing and analyzing the internal and external factors and trends that may affect your current and future actions.


SWOT, SOAR can be your compass on a strategic planning trek

Few would argue about the importance of strategic planning for organizational success. Almost no one would push for rushing blindly into the future with no goals or plans for what kind of talent to acquire. But embarking on long-term planning can be daunting if no thought goes into what direction to take. Methods exist, though, […]

If Feedback Is All Positive, Results Can Be Negative

“How good am I?” is a question we all ask ourselves. We want to know how good we are at most things in our lives. We want to know how we’re doing in our relationships. Are you a good friend, spouse, or parent? We want to know how good we are at our hobbies. Are […]

Strengths and Weaknesses

Those who’ve been around me much have probably heard me say, “Your greatest strength is also a weakness.” It’s something I believe wholeheartedly. If a person has boundless energy, it may cause him to move too quickly and not pay attention to the details. If someone is an incredible strategic thinker, she may not have […]