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How Common Is Napping on the Job?

In today’s high-speed, always-on work environment, the line between work and rest is increasingly blurred. A recent The Sleep Doctor survey, led by Dr. Michael Breus, sheds light on an interesting trend: A significant number of employees are napping during work hours. According to the survey, one in three workers nap on the job every […]

How to Boost Team Morale Amid Digital Evolution

In the rapidly changing landscape brought on by digital advancements, companies often focus primarily on adopting the latest technologies and automating processes. However, the cornerstone of any successful organization — its employees — should not be ignored. This article outlines proven strategies to ensure that your workforce remains a priority, even as technological changes sweep […]

Frontline Industries Are Demanding Change in 2024

In 2023, frontline workers witnessed several milestones that sparked significant change within their work environments and everyday lives. With increased labor movements, we saw a surge of awareness and advocacy for employees on the frontline that influenced many organizations to redirect their focus toward workplace reform and improving working conditions. As we reflect on 2023 […]

Most Common Employee Complaints to HR

Both HR professionals and managers are well aware of the tendency for employees to complain. And, while neither group enjoys dealing with complaints, it can’t be avoided. Some of the complaints could be avoided, though, by being aware of the most common frustrations facing employees and taking steps to head them off before complaints begin. […]

Trends in Addressing Employee Work/Life Balance Needs

The push for greater work/life balance is a much-talked-about shift in employee needs—in fact, demands—over the past several years. This demand was heightened by employees’ experiences during the pandemic. As many enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of remote or hybrid work schedules, they got a taste for the balance they now increasingly demand. Changes in […]

Research Examines What Gen Z Wants from Potential Employers

Gen Z, the youngest segment of the workforce, is already making an impact, and its influence will only increase in the future. Global insurance giant Zurich reported in April that people born between 1997 and 2012 are expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025. Those numbers are getting employers’ attention, making it […]

Top Flexible Schedule Remote Jobs and Companies

FlexJobs has released the results of a survey that identified the top jobs and companies that support flexible scheduling, which has risen to a high level of importance for employees since their experiences during the pandemic. Flexibility in Demand In fact, according to the research, 21% indicated that inflexible work hours was the main factor […]

Igniting Employee Passion on Their Professional Journey

Employee engagement and passion are essential to high performance and long-term company success. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle due to an unmotivated, dispassionate workforce and the consequent negative impact on productivity and efficiency. Certain employees may not be a good fit for a specific role or your workplace culture. That said, there are other occasions when […]

Why Workplace Mindfulness Is Crucial for Young Professionals

In a post-pandemic workplace, young professionals face unique challenges their predecessors may not have experienced. The impact of rapid social and technological changes has made navigating, entering, and thriving in the workforce a new type of challenge, so it’s essential to acknowledge the issues at hand and implement mindful daily best practices to cope with […]

How Managers Can Address ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’

On the heels of “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing,” “Bare Minimum Mondays” is the latest workplace trend sweeping social media. Bare Minimum Mondays promote prioritizing self-care and easing into the workweek, meaning productivity could take a hit if not properly managed. While the term may be new, the habit of starting the workweek off slowly […]