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‘I Taught Them, But They Didn’t Learn’

There’s a lot of wisdom in this old teacher’s saw that puts the blame for failure squarely on the student’s shoulders, unfortunately, it’s a pretty common scenario—an instructor has gone through the motions of training, and the participants were present, but lasting effects were nil.


The Benefits of Training Customers and Partners

The role of HR and learning leaders has been in an ongoing state of evolution for the past few decades. One of the most significant parts of this evolution has been for HR and learning leaders to move from the role of administrator to a business partner, one that is actively involved in business planning […]


Train Hiring Managers to Be Realistic About Jobs During Recruiting Process

While trying to woo job candidates, it is only natural to highlight the organization’s strengths, internal growth opportunities, and positive work environment. However, exaggerating the positive can create unrealistic expectations. As a result, you’ll experience turnover once new hires figure out that they were promised more than the organization can deliver.