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Implications of Changes in the PUMP Act

Breast milk can be incredibly important for a baby’s health, making the ability to express milk while at work a top priority for new mothers.  The PUMP Act provides nursing mothers the right to take breaks and to have a place to express milk during the workday. This right extends for one year after the birth […]

Employer-Supported Child Care—A ‘How-To’ Guide to Retain Talent and Boost Performance

Working parents consistently rank childcare benefits a top priority from employers, particularly in the post-COVID environment. Working parents, especially working moms, continue to leave the workforce at an unprecedented rate, citing child care as a major concern and often the key deciding factor in staying with an employer or in the workforce at all. The […]

What About Mom? Surveys of Working Moms Show Feelings of High Stress, Low Employer Support

Typically the glue that holds the family unit together, moms—and working moms in particular—are struggling with concerns about not only their kids’ mental health but also their own. And with pressures mounting at both home and work, many working moms believe they have nowhere to turn for help. Declining Teen Mental Health Impacts Parents It’s […]

The Unprecedented Mental Health Crisis Facing Working Parents in America—And How Employers Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on us all, but it has created an increasingly challenging environment for working parents in America. Working parents, many of whom are now indefinitely working from home, have spent the last year learning to balance remote learning and child care without the support of loved ones due […]