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The “Mommy Tax”: When Will It Be Too Much? Innovative Ways to Support Working Parents

The volume of articles, studies, and social threads are a key indicator of “hot topic” items. The childcare crisis is no exception. The proliferation of these news items continues to accelerate with many calling for employers to answer the rally call. Yet many C-Suite and HR leaders find themselves in a tricky spot. With tightening […]

Insights on Parent-Friendly Workplaces

The obligations of parenting and one’s day job are often in conflict. Both require considerable time, dedication, and commitment. For working parents, a job is essential to keep food on the table. For employers, the reality that a significant proportion of the working population is also responsible for caring for children means helping those workers […]

Childcare Benefits as a Prime Employee Perk

The importance of work-life balance and flexibility in the workplace has become increasingly important for today’s workforce. One critical aspect of this balance is the growing cost of childcare, which has become a significant financial burden for many families. Recent data reveals that childcare prices, when adjusted for inflation to 2022 dollars, range from $4,810 […]

4 Ways Employers Can Clearly Define Benefits to Better Support New Parents at Work

Becoming a parent is an exciting and rewarding time. It can also be stressful, especially if you are a working parent. The different circumstances surrounding this journey are as numerous as the number of toys you are likely to accumulate before and after a baby arrives. Some people are single parents, some start families very […]

How Businesses Can Help Solve the Childcare Crisis While Boosting Their Profitability

Businesses across the country are becoming acutely aware of the childcare challenges to their business, especially as potential impacts of the “childcare cliff” seem looming. Luckily there are a host of research-backed childcare supports, some even no to low-cost, that businesses of all sizes are implementing. These benefits have also emerged as an opportunity for […]

Doubling Paternity Leave to Support Women in the Workplace

Women in the workforce know about the “motherhood penalty,” or the negative career impact that results from becoming a mom, even if they don’t know it by that name. Those who receive the penalty experience reduced compensation and opportunities for career advancement. There are plenty of statistics that support this. One recent survey found that […]

3 Ways Employers Can Support Working Parents During Back-to-School Season

On the heels of summer comes a tumultuous time for working parents: back-to-school season. No sooner have they sorted out their dizzying summer schedules and pieced together summer child care—a nightmare for many—than the start of the school year arrives to once again upend their routines and budgets. The National Retail Federation estimates parents will […]

How Workplaces Can Support Working Parents (And All Workers) During the School Year

With school and many childcare facilities back in session, the months during the school year are extremely challenging for working parents, who are trying to balance ever-changing family schedules and professional responsibilities. The result is often increased multitasking and/or employees putting in long and late nights trying to catch up on assignments. Here are some […]

Working Dads Fear Negative Career Impacts

The challenges working moms face have been noted for decades, even if not all the players in the labor market and corporate world necessarily appreciate those challenges or take steps to mitigate and address them. Even with very active dads, mothers tend to assume the majority of childcare burdens, meaning working moms are constantly being […]