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Unreasonable-Refusal-to-Rehire Claim Barred by 10-Year-Old Compromise Agreement

Wisconsin employers are used to being able to settle and receive a release of claims for known and unknown events that have occurred only in the past. In a recent Labor & Industry Review Commission (LIRC) decision, a full and final compromise agreement entered into between the parties prevented the employee from maintaining an unreasonable-refusal-to-rehire […]

Court Deems Broken Toe and Voicemails Were Sufficient for FMLA Claim

Does a broken toe amount to a serious health condition under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? It depends on the circumstances. But an Ohio federal district court recently held an employee’s FMLA interference claim can go to trial in a case where there was a dispute of whether his broken toe constituted a […]


Best Practices for Investigating Whether Your Employee Was Hurt at Work

When it comes to workplace injuries, many states provide specific guidance for reporting injuries by both employees and employers. As an employer, you must remember that to properly manage a workers’ compensation claim, you should report the injury as soon as your employee notifies you that it occurred and immediately start your investigation, especially if […]


Nebraska Supreme Court OK’s Employee’s Vocational Rehabilitation Plan

Nebraska law permits the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court to approve vocational rehabilitation plans to facilitate certain injured workers’ return to gainful employment. Read on to learn about the Nebraska Supreme Court’s recent decision on what the law means to “restore” an employee to work in “suitable employment.”

No more pizza party rewards for safe work

by Eric J. Conn The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) new e-record-keeping rule, formally titled “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses,” has created quite a stir for employers. The rule requires employers to electronically submit their injury and illness data, which the agency will then publish online for all the world to dissect. […]

3 essential areas of supervisor training

by Jason Ritchie It’s imperative that you train your supervisors on key workforce management topics. Here are three compliance areas that should top your training list.  Knowing company policy and legal obligations Because supervisors are the frontline company representatives who have the most day-to-day contact with employees, they need to know and understand your company […]

Adding fun to work can pay off, but be alert to snags

Who doesn’t like a little fun at work? Breaking the monotony with some offsite activities, an office game day, or just a special lunch can provide a restorative break to help hard-working employees get ready to tackle the hard work that’s always waiting.  Fun-at-work proponents tout the benefits of giving employees the chance to get […]

Know what to do when a workplace injury prompts an OSHA inspection

When a workplace accident results in an employee being injured, an employer is likely to experience a visit from a U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspector. Such a visit is no time for an employer to guess about how to handle the agency’s investigation.  Recently attorneys from the Employers Counsel Network, which focuses […]

The HR guide to Super Bowl XLVIII

by Mark I. Schickman Sometimes the Super Bowl is a great game, but more often, it’s a blowout long before the dip and punch disappear. In case we need something to hold our interest between the $8-million-a-minute commercials, here are some employment law points to think about as the Seahawks and Broncos square off, representing […]