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Teaching Supervisors to Listen Is Key

Training your workforce from top to bottom is important so that everyone has a clear understanding of your company’s commitment to providing a fair and productive environment for all employees. And while it’s true that we can explain the various employment laws and reiterate that they require compliance from all of your employees (and that […]

Spotting Your Michaels (and Dwights)

After watching last night’s repeat of The Office, I decided that some of my clients’ stories this week were more titillating. That’s what she said. (Couldn’t resist.) The theme of calls that I got this week almost made me feel like I was on the show. I looked for cameras (and Ashton and Howie) more […]

Ontario’s Workplace Violence and Harassment Law Overreaches

ACME Insurance Company employs 500 employees and managers at its Toronto head office. They work in a pleasant, some might even say tranquil, office environment. In the 50-year history of the company, there has never been any hint of violent behavior in the workplace. To the contrary, some people find it too quiet there. Bawring, […]

New Bill Introduced to Curb Workplace Violence and Harassment

Ontario is looking to reduce violence and harassment in the workplace. To that end, Bill 168, An Act to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace, received first reading on April 20, 2009. Bill 168, if passed, would amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). […]

Health and Safety Legislative and Regulatory Responses

by Daniel Pugen McCarthy Tetrault Workplace violence has become a hot topic among labor, employment, and health and safety regulators in Canada. Of course, workplace violence is hardly a new phenomenon. Certain workers like police officers have an inherent risk of workplace violence. Also, put enough people in an enclosed area under stressful conditions (i.e., […]

Employment Law Tip: Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Domestic violence affects more than 32 million Americans each year, with more than 2 million injuries and approximately 1,300 deaths. As the scope of the problem underscores, domestic violence isn’t just a personal issue, but one that spills over into the workplace as well, affecting both men and women. What can employers do to help […]

Employment Law Tip: Warding Off Workplace Violence

In late January, a former U.S. postal worker went on a shooting rampage at a mail processing plant in the town of Goleta near Santa Barbara. The ex-employee killed five, wounded another, and then turned the gun on herself. She reportedly had been placed on medical leave from her job in 2003 for psychological reasons–at […]