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Major Employers Exploring VR Training Potential

Effective and efficient training is essential to employee development and the overall success of the organization. Companies are constantly trying to find ways to provide thorough and realistic training while minimizing the cost of that training and the time required to provide it to employees.

10 More HR Practices That Reduce the Effectiveness of Employee Referral Programs

By Dr. John Sullivan The very best employee referral programs (ERPs) produce simply amazing results. But unfortunately many corporate programs were designed years before we had so much data covering what makes the programs effective. In the last article, we looked at 10 HR practices that were hurting your ERPs. Here, we’ll look at 10 […]

New Employer Means New Tattoo

Tattooing your company’s name or logo on your body probably means the same thing as tattooing the name of a significant other—you face future risk if things don’t work out. Since most people are optimistic in both love and employment, such tattooing occurs all the time. However, one employee faced double jeopardy when he combined […]

If There’s a Sneaky Way Around a Tech Policy, Your Employees Will Find It

Make sure your employees know the “whys” behind your tech policies. Otherwise, they’ll find ways to work around them — and may even bring your system down in the process. According to Lisa Guerin, author of Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies, you must explain the policies you write about technology. If your employees don’t see […]

What Should We Do About Informal Business Emails?

Our employees are too informal in their work emails to clients, vendors, etc. They are saying things they shouldn’t—such as speaking negatively about company policies—and their tone is too informal for outside business contacts. What can we do?