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Pokémon Go-ing to Get You Fired!

It was only a matter of time before someone would get fired over Pokémon Go, the new mobile game that’s sweeping the world. Call me a sadist, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting stories to roll in for the soul purpose of reporting them in HRSBT. While this one particular employee wasn’t fired over the game itself, he did land in some pretty hot water over social media posts regarding the “availability” of the game in Singapore.


Millennials: Managing the ‘We’ Generation

By Bryan Miles, CEO, eaHELP

Over the past decade, HR professionals and company leaders have had to adjust their strategies to accommodate two new realities with enormous implications for the workplace. The first is the growing role of technology in company operations, including technologies that make all-remote workforces possible. The second is the rise of a new generation with a distinct set of values and priorities: Millennials.