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Who Would Have Thought a Trip to the Moon Could Be So Cheap?

Famous Astronaut Buzz Aldrin must have been feeling nostalgic back in July when he shared the expense report for his trip to the moon—on his Twitter account. You’ll remember that Aldrin blasted off to outer space in July 1969 when the cost of living wasn’t nearly as expensive as it is today. So what did the total trip cost? You may be thinking hundreds or thousands of dollars when, in fact, it cost him only $33.31!


Landmark Equal Pay Law Enacted in Massachusetts

By Joan Farrell, JD, Senior Legal Editor

The governor of Massachusetts recently signed significant new equal pay legislation into law. Like the equal pay laws recently enacted in other states, the Massachusetts law provides a definition for “comparable work” and protects employees who discuss their compensation with coworkers. But the new law differs from the equal pay laws in other states in one important aspect.