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Reasons Your Turnover Is High

As unemployment levels continue to inch ever lower, turnover levels continue to be a growing concern for employers. We all know that turnover comes with costs, including recruiting and training costs, lost productivity, and increased short-term costs like overtime for other employees—all of which can add up quickly. And none of this takes into account the less tangible costs like lost customer relationships and lost team cohesiveness that can result when a valued employee leaves. It’s easy to see why we all want to reduce turnover wherever possible.


3 Problems with Hiring and the Presidential Election

The road to the 2016 U.S. presidential election officially began last week with the Iowa caucuses. Having grown up in Iowa, I have experienced the caucus process first-hand. It’s an interesting process that has a real grassroots feel to it, and it can produce some very interesting results that are often difficult to predict.