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Do You Use a Fitness-For-Duty Certification After FMLA Leave?

Employers have come up with dozens of methods for ensuring the proper administration of Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave and minimizing its abuse. It’s important to ensure that employees who return to work are truly ready—and that the leave is administered in a way that is fair and legal for all employees. One such method to ensure proper administration is to require fitness-for-duty certifications for employees returning from FMLA leave. This assists in the fair implementation of FMLA leave and also acts as a means to ensure employees can return to work and complete their duties without compromising quality or safety.


Size of Your Workspace? Depends on the Time of Day

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Connecticut facility, executives of Deloitte touted their innovative workspace concept that will have junior and senior executives “rubbing elbows” in collaboration—literally! The company’s space in the building is much below the usual allotment for the number of employees. How will the 1,300 workers all fit?