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The Latest Health Savings Account Trends You Should Know About

In recent years, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have become the darlings of benefit departments everywhere—and for good reason. These accounts, connected with consumer-driven, high-deductible health insurance plans, offer some attributes you won’t find elsewhere.


HR’s Priorities Not Aligned with Company Executives’, Finds Mercer Study

Mercer’s 2017 Global Talent Trends Study, conducted among 7,500 business executives, HR leaders and employees worldwide, has found that the top priorities of HR leaders match up with “evolving employee capabilities,” but less so with company exec’s goals for “more substantial workplace change.”


2018 Pay Budget Increases Remain Flat—with Notable Exceptions

A new Mercer survey has found that pay budget increases  remain about the same as last year—at 2.8%.  However, according to a press release on the findings of its 2017/2018 US Compensation Planning Survey, base pay for certain jobs with in-demand skillsets is advancing at a far greater pace, Mercer has found.


Survey: Most Employers Don’t Want Full Repeal and Replace of ACA

A new Mercer survey has found that only 35% of employers favor a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while 51% actually oppose it (and 14% have no opinion).  Instead, the survey found that employers prefer smaller changes to the law.


Research: More Objective Selection Methods Needed in Job Applicant Screening

Only one-fifth of HR professionals are fully confident in their employers’ overall ability to effectively assess the skills of entry-level applicants despite the fact that the majority of these job applicants possess some of the most important skills employers’ value, including dependability and reliability, integrity, respect, and teamwork.


Financial wellness: 4 Steps toward confidence—and ROI

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor discussed a new view on making employer-sponsored financial wellness initiatives more impactful—the idea that financial courage may have a lot more to do with employees’ motivation than financial literacy. Today we offer four points to consider to help incorporate some courage-building and meaningful return-on-investment metrics within your financial wellbeing programs.


Are Your Employees ‘Financially Courageous?’

In the 1939 movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” the Cowardly Lion is known for his lack of courage. Oddly enough, when it comes to making the best use of employer-sponsored financial wellness initiatives, today’s workforce may have something in common with the classically fearful character.


Employers Increasingly Offer PTO for Adoption (Infographic)

Employers are increasingly offering paid time off for adoptions, according to a new report from consulting group Mercer. The benefit is likely an attempt to meet the needs of a workforce in which the definition of “family” now includes same-sex parents, the firm said. While employees in the U.S. have access to 12 weeks’ unpaid […]


Mercer Infographic: Taking Health Management to a New Level

This infographic via Mercer indicates that employers are increasingly willing to invest in health management — and they believe their programs are making a difference. “US employers believe that health management is helping to slow medical trend, and they are putting more emphasis on these programs,” says Beth Umland, Director of Research for Mercer’s Health […]


Forecast Points to Real Pay Increases in 2014

This great infographic via Mercer points to global pay increases for the upcoming year, based on Mercer’s latest Global Compensation Planning Report. View the image below for a summary of the findings.