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Pretextual Failure to Promote Produce Worker Is a Recipe for Disaster

HR professionals are all too familiar with the McDonnell-Douglas burden-shifting standard for establishing discrimination from circumstantial evidence. Under the standard, an employee presents a prima facie (minimally sufficient) case that he belongs to a protected class and suffered an adverse action. The employer then presents a legitimate nondiscriminatory reason for its action, and he in […]


Disabilities: Employers Must Listen Carefully to Requests for Accommodations

By Teresa Shulda, JD Sometimes it seems obvious that certain jobs require certain abilities. For example, pilots must have good vision to fly planes. And firefighters must be physically able to rescue people from burning buildings. But with other jobs, the job qualifications aren’t so obvious. That means the interactive dialogue between employers and employees […]


Attracting—and Signing—the Best Candidates Starts With the Right Compensation Program

By Stacey Hawley, The Credo Company Companies endeavor to hire the right candidates, with the right skills, right qualifications and right cultural fit, for their organizations. Finding the right candidates is critical. Recruitment is costly. Turnover is even more costly (typically two times the annual salary and benefits of a role).


Can Employers Use Lie Detectors?

No one wants to be lied to. Employers are acutely sensitive to this. If an applicant lies about qualifications, it can mean a lot of wasted time, money, and energy when it is eventually discovered that the individual is not competent for the role. It could even mean embarrassment for the organization if the individual […]


The Risks of Losing an Exemption

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) dictates minimum wage and overtime requirements, but it also allows for exemptions when specific requirements are met. Employers utilize these exemptions for qualified positions by classifying the employee as exempt—which means that individual will no longer be subject to overtime pay requirements. As long as all the qualifications within […]


High school diploma or college degree? What’s really necessary?

What do billionaires Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and David Geffen have in common besides having achieved extraordinary success in business? The answer to that question for some employers is: They’re unemployable. None of those business greats earned a bachelor’s degree.  The value of a college degree is often debated among employers, but many now are […]