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Hiring Employees: EEOC Proposes Definition of Applicant for E-Cruiting Purposes; Part 2: How to Standardize Your Application Procedures and Retain the Right Records

As we reported last month, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is tackling a vexing problem that’s a sign of the times—defining who, among all those who contact you over the Internet or via other electronic technology about work, is a true job applicant for purposes of complying with your federal recordkeeping requirements. The EEOC, […]


Terminating Employees: New Legislation Protects Higher-Paid Older Workers; How To Cut Costs Without Breaking The Law

In a controversial ruling two years ago, a California Court of Appeal ruled that you could discharge high-earning employees over age 40 and replace them with lower-paid workers if your motivation was simply to save money. Labor organizations have sought to overturn the decision ever since, and now Governor Davis has signed legislation that does […]