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Wellness Programs Expand to Improve Employees’ ‘Total Wellbeing’

More employers are investing in “total well-being” programs that address areas such as financial and emotional health, according to the 7th annual survey on corporate health and well-being from Fidelity Investments Benefits Consulting and the National Business Group on Health (NBGH). The survey revealed employers are adding programs that help their workers manage stress, improve […]


Worst Jobs of 2016

A recent opinion poll has sought to learn what the worst and best jobs of 2016 were. Take a look at today’s Advisor to find out more.


Managing Employee Stress

Stressed out employees are not efficient employees. They’re more likely to make mistakes and more likely to call in sick. And who wants a job with constant stress? Most of us don’t—which means high employee stress levels can also be a recipe for high employee turnover.


Mindfulness Improves Employee Focus and Behavior, Says New Research

Mindfulness is often viewed as a “touchy-feely” fad. However, a new, comprehensive analysis of mindfulness research suggests it is a valuable management tool that can lift an entire workplace by improving focus, the ability to manage stress, and how well employees work together.


New Poll Reveals Best and Worst Jobs of 2016

Blogger, general practice physician, CEO, and teacher were voted the best jobs in a new CareerCast opinion poll with 369 respondents. Interestingly, general practice physician and teacher also made the worst jobs list, which highlights the controversy over what people think are the best and worst jobs.


Why Provide an Employee Wellness Program?

Does your organization offer an employee wellness program? More and more employers are opting to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits to see why:


Equal Job Satisfaction May Be More Important Than Equal Pay

According to statistics released in 2014 by the United States Census Bureau, women are paid, on average, 79 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn. A just released study of over 100,000 job offers by Hired.com found that 69% of the time men receive higher salary offers than women for the same job title […]


Relaxation Techniques Can Counteract Effects of Stress

A recent Twitter Chat addressed the practice of relaxation techniques as an effective means of fighting both mental and physical stress. The good news was that many of the techniques can be effectively used during work hours.