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Wellness programs

Are Workplace Wellness Programs a Waste of Time and Money?

“Workplace wellness programs cover over 50 million workers and are intended to reduce medical spending, increase productivity, and improve well-being. Yet, limited evidence exists to support these claims,” conclude three university researchers in a newly published study.


How HR Can Impact Business Outcomes 100% of the Time

The industry focus on engagement as a cure-all for organizational woes continues to be misguided. Instead, human resource (HR) departments need to focus on employee experiences. Bold? Yes. Backed by data? Absolutely. Two recent studies (2016 and 2017) found that the top drivers of 30+ organizations’ outcomes were management, job fit, and senior leadership—with management […]


When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Vegan Butcher

In high school, we had to take a test that helped us determine what we wanted to be when we graduated. I’m not sure if all high school students had to go through that test, but if so, I’m curious to know what your results said you were going to be—and are you actually in […]

performance reviews

Time to Ditch the Annual Performance Appraisal?

Ah, the annual (or semi-annual) performance appraisal. One of the few rituals of work life that’s loathed in almost equal measure by employees, managers, and HR alike.


5 Things You Should Know About Employee Recognition in 2017

Complimentary Webinar: 5 Things You Should Know About Employee Recognition in 2017 Date: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Sponsored by Is your organization’s employee recognition program ready for 2017?  Find out what you need to know about employee recognition for the year ahead. In this webinar you will learn… 1. How […]


Hiring Managers: It’s Tough to Predict Long-Term Success of New Hires

A new study from Visier, a provider of Workforce Intelligence, has found that although organizations today are spending more money than ever on recruiting, 52% of hiring managers are unable to predict the long-term success of their new hires. Furthermore, the study found that 71% of hiring managers said that to increase the quality of […]