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Employment Law Tip: Driving Safety Quiz

If you have employees who drive, even occasionally, as part of their jobs, it’s important to provide training in motor vehicle safety. Here’s a quick quiz you can administer and discuss with employees to drive home some key road safety points. (The answer key follows the quiz.)

  1. The most common cause of work-related deaths is:
    a) Motor vehicle accidents
    b) Falls from heights
    c) Chemical exposure
  2. Serious accidents are more likely when you don’t use a seatbelt, drive at night, or:
    a) Drive within the speed limit
    b) Play music in the car
    c) Drink and drive
  3. If you see a stopped school bus, you should:
    a) Go, if there are no children visible
    b) Stop
    c) Stop if bus driver tells you to
  4. In daytime driving, the safe distance between two vehicles is:
    a) One second
    b) Two minutes
    c) Two seconds
  5. The safe distance between two vehicles at night is:

    a) Two seconds
    b) Four seconds
    c) Four minutes
  6. When you come to a stop sign, you should:

    a) Stop
    b) Slow
    c) Slow or stop, depending on traffic
  7. You shouldn’t drive if you’ve been drinking or taking medication.

    a) True
    b) False
  8. In heavy traffic, you have to be alert to other drivers who may:

    a) Honk
    b) Stay two seconds behind you
    c) Stop suddenly
  9. Part of good car maintenance is to regularly check:

    a) Tire pressure
    b) Mileage
    c) Weight of load
  10. A vehicle emergency kit might include:
    a) A list of motels
    b) Flashlight and safety flares
    c) Dried food
  11. Answer key: 1. a.; 2. c.; 3. b.; 4. c.; 5. b.; 6. a.; 7. a.; 8. c.; 9. a.; 10. b.


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