HR Management

So you think you know HR…. Well, here’s your chance to prove it – and maybe win a great prize!

Introducing HR Challenge: (It’s fun and it’s free!)

HRDA readers, we think you know HR, too, and now we’ll help you prove it. … while providing some end of the week fun and the chance to win some great prizes.

Introducing HR Challenge … BLR’s new weekly game of HR knowledge. How does it work?

Each Friday, we’ll bring you one thoughtfully-crafted, multiple-choice question on some aspect of human resources. It could be about compliance, hiring, performance management, anything in the field.

To answer the challenge, just answer the question. No need to wait days to find out how right you are. Just click on a link and you’ll get the answer immediately.

Your Name on the National Leader Board

But your answer will be the tip of a national iceberg, because thousands of other HR professionals have also been invited to play. As you visit the HR Challenge website to check your answer, here’s what you’ll also be able to do.

–View our national Leader Board, where we’ll post the names of those in the nation with the highest cumulative scores.

–Check your own ongoing cumulative average for all the Challenges you’ve taken. We automatically keep score for you.

–Create a Colleague Watch List to see how your buddies in the field are doing

–Access and try all previous Challenge questions, and have those answers automatically added to your score.

–Earn credit toward prizes for referring new Challengers.

What about those prizes?

Each Challenge lasts 6 months, with this one due to end on March 26, 2007. At the finish line, everyone will receive a great-looking Certificate of Participation while those with the highest cumulative scores of correct answers and referral credits will also win some great prizes. Then we’ll reset everyone’s scores and referral credits and you’ll have a fresh new chance to win again.

It’s free! But … here’s the catch … you must register to be fully eligible to play. That’s easy to do. Just click here.