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To train supervisors in HR, you need a well-prepared, tightly structured prepared program. We’ve found one … and it’s got time codes!

Several recent Advisor articles have pointed to the line supervisor as the key link in your HR compliance chain. Unfortunately, that same supervisor may also be the weak link. Supervisor expertise, after all, is not usually in the field of human resources.

That doesn’t matter to the government. If a compliance break occurs on a supervisor’s watch, your company is going to get slammed just as if the miscue happened in your own office. What’s more, in some states, the supervisor may also be in for a nasty surprise—personal liability. Two supervisors involved in a sexual harassment incident in California were each ordered to pay $50,000 of their own money toward a total judgment of $1.7 million against their company.

Of course, the antidote is supervisor training, but that’s often a pain in itself. Where do you find the time to research the material and write the lesson plans? And, if you’re like many of us, where do you find the teaching expertise to keep a group of “Listen, hurry it up, I’ve got a production meeting to get to” supervisors focused on the lesson?

One answer is prepared lesson materials, like those found in BLR’s recently published HR Training Repros – The Employment Process.

This volume of some 50 illustrated, reproducible training materials and handouts depends on a tightly structured plan of learning that’s both logical and effective. It teaches supervisors some of the most critical skills in HR, including:

–Performance appraisals
–Discipline and tTermination
–Compensation and benefits
–Other issues, including recordkeeping, dealing with temp workers, and diversity

The Download Sample link on this page will show you a typical lesson plan, on Effective Recruiting and Hiring, but we’d like to point out some of the highlights on the tour.

Background: Each of the 50 lesson modules comes with two forms of background—facts about the compliance issue for you, and then a scripted introduction for your trainees.

Regulations: Each lists the regs applicable to the topic. For hiring, these include Title VII, ADA, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Pregnancy Discrimination and Rehabilitation Acts.

Pre- and Post-Tests: Tests keep your listeners engaged. They learn how much they did, or didn’t, know before the lesson. And they, and you, find out on the spot how much more they know afterward.

Main Points to Cover: These are concisely laid out in bulleted fashion. You can adapt them to your situation or read them as they are.

Practical Exercises: The sample on hiring asks your learners to analyze an actual employment ad and decide how they’d make it better. Other lessons call for role-playing a disciplinary meeting or analyzing job descriptions to determine exempt/nonexempt status under the FLSA.

Handouts: Every lesson includes a takeaway for later reinforcement and practical use. The hiring lesson handout is an employment ad checklist to keep your company’s ads both effective and nondiscriminatory.

Time Codes, Too!

One innovative feature of HR Training Repros – The Employment Process is a time budget, printed right on the lesson plan. Knowing that you should be spending 1 minute on Background and 12 on Main Points to Cover, for example, helps you use every bargained and begged-for minute of supervisor time most effectively.

We suggest you click the Download Sample link and look through this typical lesson. Download the Table of Contents link as well, for a fuller description of what this program helps you train on. It’s quite a remarkable product, and definitely worth a look.

Download Sample
Download Table of Contents

To order HR Training Repros – The Employment Process at no risk, click here.

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