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How to Train New Recruiters Effectively

As your business continues to grow and new team members need to be found, onboarded, and trained, you’ll probably find your recruitment team growing, as well. After all, if you’re focused on helping your business thrive in the new year, you’re likely going to need new recruiters to help your HR efforts thrive. Artificial intelligence […]

Turning Frequent Mistakes into Real-Life Training Opportunities

It can be tremendously frustrating to encounter the same mistake or oversight over and over again at work. Maybe it’s something as relatively benign as multiple employees forgetting to include certain information in their e-mail signatures, or maybe it’s something more serious, like repeated instances of employees downloading malicious applications or failing to follow data […]

What Are Learning Pathways?

One of the reasons many training efforts fail to have a lasting impact is that they are often isolated, one-off efforts. For example, a warehouse that has a forklift accident might do a one-off training on forklift safety, or a company responding to a publicly embarassing discrimination accusation might have a one-off diversity or cultural […]

Training vs. Education

Training and education are clearly related concepts. However, we tend to use them in different contexts. Education is typically thought of as broad-based and general, at least with respect to a particular field—i.e., studying British history or thermodynamics. In contrast, training tends to be much more specific, such as training to operate a forklift or […]

Breaking the Cycle of Bad Training

Companies have been following a broken training system for a long time now. They recruit and hire top talent, spend hours and money training, and then focus on upskilling the existing workforce. But when the desired results don’t follow all that and even more, the desired change in behavior doesn’t occur, and organizations go back […]

Training for Soft Skills: A Critical Post-Pandemic Mandate

In recent years, discussions around the importance of soft skills in the workplace have become much more common, and soft skills are starting to seem increasingly less “soft” and increasingly valuable. The ability to work well with teammates, to lead groups, and to communicate effectively are seen by many as equally important to the ability […]

Training Employees on the Benefits of Big Data

Analyzing data has long been seen as a sound strategy for drawing conclusions about the world and even making decisions about the future. The problem has historically been that it requires a lot of data to draw reliable inferences and it can be time consuming and expensive to collect sufficient data. Big Data Creates Opportunities—and […]

Companies Continue Increasing L&D Spending

With wage pressures pushing employee compensation demands higher and inflation and supply chain issues further straining employer finances, one might expect that budgets for learning and development would shrink or even be put on hold while the storms pass.

Upskilling the Workforce: Duke Energy Makes Major Training Investment in Florida

A recent six-figure training investment by the Florida-based subsidiary of electric utilities provider Duke Energy, the Duke Energy Foundation and Duke Energy Florida, highlights the growing importance and recognized need of talent development among major employers. Employers today are likely pulling their hair out trying to find and keep qualified workers in the wake of […]

Education as a Job Benefit

Salaries, health care, paid time off, work travel, remote work—these are some of the top-tier job perks that people often put at the top of their list when it comes to employment incentives. But education opportunities are another category of perks that are often overlooked. Education Options Valued by Employees Education as a job benefit […]