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Education as a Job Benefit

Salaries, health care, paid time off, work travel, remote work—these are some of the top-tier job perks that people often put at the top of their list when it comes to employment incentives. But education opportunities are another category of perks that are often overlooked. Education Options Valued by Employees Education as a job benefit […]


5 Ways Business Leaders Can Unify Teams During Trying Times

With world conflicts, pandemic concerns, political issues, societal differences, and economic factors weighing heavily on people’s minds, it can feel overwhelming and affect mental and emotional well-being. Juggling professional and personal responsibilities on top of it all can take a toll on even the healthiest of human beings. During times of tragedy and instability, the […]

Must-Have Management Skills for the post-COVID Era

When recruiting or training anyone who will be responsible for managing others, there are certain skills that should be at the top of your list for ensuring the person is effective in managing, coaching, and motivating others. Some of these skills are “evergreen,” while others emerged during the pandemic as organizations and their managers learned […]

Using Examples of the Worst-Case Scenario to Drive Home Training Takeaways

It’s no surprise to training professionals that participants in company training events are often less than fully engaged. Training can feel boring, obvious, and even pointless to some participants. This is particularly true for preventive training, or training that teaches participants how to avoid a bad outcome, as opposed to training designed to teach participants […]

The Two Schools of Thought on Battling Procrastination

While most people probably consider themselves to be proactive go-getters, the reality is that everyone is guilty of procrastination from time to time. There are a variety of reasons for procrastination, ranging from depression to an inability to focus due to fear of failure, but one of the biggest culprits is simply the desire to […]

Tips for Training Employees Against Cyberattacks

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every area of our pre-pandemic “normal” lives including more telework, a surging demand for toilet paper, and a shrinking workforce, just to name a few. Almost no industry has been spared when it comes to the contagious disease’s impact. In particular, cyberattacks are on the rise in nearly every […]


5 Key Benefits to Using Video in the Training Process

Because remote work is our new reality, companies now have virtual teams spread across the globe. The shift to working remotely has resulted in major changes to the way companies work, hire, and communicate. Tools like Slack have made it easier for coworkers to keep in touch with one another and collaborate, and being able […]


Non-Job-Specific Areas of Focus for Employee Training

Employee training has traditionally focused on a job’s specifics—for example, a payroll specialist should be trained on how to operate the company’s payroll system and deal with staff questions, a building manager should be trained on key areas of building monitoring and maintenance, software engineers should be trained on new and improved methods for effective […]

The Importance of Practicing Presentations

From time to time, a worker may be called upon to give a presentation, such as a simple review of lessons learned to a small team following a group project or a pitch to senior executives in support of launching a new initiative.


Significant Need for Upskilling by 2025

Technology, business, and the global economy have never been static. New developments and trends are constantly emerging, and others are falling by the wayside. This means that training must also be dynamic to account for the needs and realities of an ever-changing world, and new data suggests that this need is considerable for today’s workers […]